Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toddlers are Picky Mofos

Is it just me, or are toddler's picky little mofos?! Mine is. And she's very... VERY fickle.

(Healthy, well-balanced meal, right? It would be if she ate more than just the pears...)

I'm sure this isn't true for all toddlers. Some lucky moms and dads have kids that eat everything and will try anything. Olive, however, is the exact opposite. Anyone else have one of these?
I don't know where she gets it from. I never was, even as a baby, a picky eater. Neither was Blaine. According to my mom, I used to sit in my high chair and eat onions and potatoes. Raw. (For the record, I still love raw onions and potatoes.)

The puree food stage (we started at 4 months) was my first indicator this feeding thing was going to be tricky. She hated things I was told she'd love (thanks What to Expect...)... carrots, peas, avocado.. all on the 'disgusting' list. Actually, pretty much all vegetables made the list. She loved fruit though and I wondered if it had anything to do with the insane amounts of it I ate when I was pregnant. Then I recalled the asinine amounts of sugary candy I also ate because it was the only thing I could (and wanted) to stomach at times, and worried she'd be a sweets fiend. Thankfully, that thought was kiboshed (for now) when she carefully picked at her first birthday cake, ate a few bites, and decided she wasn't interested. (Seriously? Who is this kid?)

As we moved into finger foods, (my least favorite transition, as I was constantly sure she was going to choke on EVERYTHING) she seemed even LESS interested. At least with purees I could get her to eat chicken or turkey... now with table foods? Hell to the no. That shiz went directly on the floor. And we don't have a dog, so that meant more clean up for me. Thanks Bean.

Olive also decides each day if she really truly likes certain things. For a week straight girlfriend would down diced peaches like they were the nectar of the Gods. Then, one day, she put one in her mouth and spit it directly out whilst making the (cutest) most disgusted face you've ever seen. We continued to try diced peaches for a few days to no avail. Then, one evening a weekish later, B put a few on her plate, and we were back to nomming them like there's no tomorrow! What gives, tiny person?

I have, however, recently discovered her love of anything in a pouch. When she was little, I'd squeeze the contents onto a spoon and feed her, but now miss independent just enjoys feeding herself with them, which is about the only way I can get her to eat her veggies (not plain of course, we are talking hidden in some delicious fruit combo pack).

Are we the only one with the worlds most picky eater? How do you get your toddler to eat and try new things?
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