Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and My Exciting News!

Happy belated Holidays everyone!

I hope Santa brought you something nice, and you were able to share the holidays with your loved ones! B and I had a pleasant holiday, it was just the two of us, so it was mellow and quiet. I got spoiled and received a Nintendo 3DS (obsessed) and a couple seasons of Ghost Hunters (my fave!) on dvd. I'm a lucky girl :)

So, tonight is New Years Eve and it seems completely appropriate that I get to share this news with you as we start a new year and fresh slate.

A few weeks ago, I told you I had some exciting news that I wanted to share, but had to wait until the deets fell into place. Today the last piece of the puzzle officially did, and I'm scared and nervous and excited all at the same time...

Yup, we are MOVING -- AGAIN -- this time, to Lexington, Kentucky!

This past year in the Tri-Cities of Washington has been crazy. We moved here in October 2011, full well knowing this probably wouldn't be a permanent move. We are city dwellers with close-knit families, and the Tri-Cities wasn't close to either. We left our families in Chicago, and the closest big city (and though I love Seattle and Portland, they still feel small!) is over three hours away! But we began building our life here and settling down, and in November 2012, when we found an epic townhouse, we moved again, eager to make ourselves more at home. We've made more friends here than we left in Illinois, and have had some crazy adventures navigating the Pacific Northwest.

When (after being in our new house for a whopping 4 weeks) B came home with the news that he had the opportunity to put in for an opening in Kentucky, I started crying. One year earlier, I would have been ecstatic. Instead, I was filled with sadness and nerves all at once. It felt too soon, and I wasnt ready to leave my awesome job or our amazing friends, but at the same time, I wanted to go back to the middle states, where I know we belong.

So after a long, well ok, actually kinda short, process, we made the decision and pressed forward. B flew to Lex and interviewed and got an offer shortly thereafter. He starts Jan. 21. Which means things are happening and happening quickly. I plan to work here through the end of the month and then head out, but theres so much to do before then!! I hope to chronicle the hip-happenings but if I disappear here and there just know its because I'm trying not to have an anxiety attack :)

Im excited to move into this next phase of our lives, and knowing that Lexington is somewhere we will finally be putting down roots is exciting. I'll be 6 hours from Chicago, and only 2 hours from my older brother and sister in law in Ohio, as well as one of my besties Rae. Indy (near where I went to school and still have friends) will also only be a 3 hour jaunt. I know this is a good move for us, in fact, I know without a doubt its the RIGHT move for us. Its just going to be way sadder to leave the Tri-Cities then I ever imagined.

On that note, I'm going to go grab a box of tissues. Tomorrow I'll share some of my pics from B & I's last little jaunt over to Seattle this weekend! I shall leave you with this little ditty about my feelings right now...

You're welcome.

Hope y'all have a blessed and happy New Year! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Couch blogging

Top: CAbi / Jeans: Rock & Republic for Kohl's / Mocs: Minnetonka / Scarf: Forever 21 (similar)

Last weekend my friend took me to the CAbi end of season sale here in the Tri. First, it was nuts. All the ladies in the area that have held CAbi parties were invited, and told to bring friends. It was at someones house, and was just racks and racks of leftover clothes in her basement, all from the fall/winter season that were on mega sale. We arrived about an hour into the sale, and everything was already picked over. Women were carrying out bags upon bags of clothes, and one can only assume they grabbed whatever they could in their size and and took off! While there wasnt a ton of options, I did manage a few good deals - this top being one of them! It originally retailed for $84, and I got it for $30! Score!

Anywho, I'm blogging from my couch today, living the dream in my kitty print sweatpants, watching old episodes of Ghost Lab on Netflix and drinking coffee with my sugar free peppermint mocha creamer. I'm off until the day after Christmas and I fully intend on spending the majority of the next 5 days in this exact spot. Only the sweatpants will change. Maybe.

Hope y'all have a relaxing and peaceful weekend before the holiday!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Fri-ursday

Top: Forever 21 (similar) / Trouser Jean: AE (similar - on sale!) / Flats: Target (similar) / Headband: AE (similar)

Happy Friday! No wait... Its only Thursday. But its my Friday! So Happy Friday to me!

Most of the other chumps in my office are taking off all next week, as I'm sure every working person with hours to burn will be, but SOMEONE has to be in the office and since I have no real Christmas plans, or children, or family close by for that matter, I decided to take the bullet and come in the day after Xmas. Ugh. But in trade I'm taking tomorrow off, so I still get a nifty little 5 day weekend. Hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner. It's gone by in a blur with everything else going on in our lives.

So anyway, heres the thing with these trouser jeans. I love them. They look great in motion and I love the fit, but I've decided they totally don't photograph well. I didnt really like how ANY of my pics turned out with these pants, they just look so... blah. I wasn't crazy about they way they photographed here either. Ah well. It wont deter me from wearing them again, thats fo sho.

Hope I'm not the only one with a Fri-ursday! Happy long weekend :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Yes I am Wearing Leggings under my Maxi

Blazer: Forever 21 (A few awesome similar options -- One, Two, Splurge, Plus) / Tank & Skirt: Target / Mocs: Forever 21 / Glasses: Firmoo / Ring: inPink

I had ANOTHER one of those days where I planned a really cute and well styled outfit, only to wake up and forego said outfit for something I deemed waaaay more comfortable. Perhaps I should stop planning complicated outfits? OR, maybe I should just get up in time so getting dressed isn't such a hassle. Yes. Thats it. 

This particular day I had slept in leggings and a tee, and when I pulled on this skirt (it is a skirt, even though it looks like a dress - misleading, no?) I left said leggings on. I don't know about you guys, but the coldness of the air when I slip out of bed in the morning is one of my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Sorry to have to yell, but I feel very passionately about this. Anywho, I figured I'd just keep my leggings on until I acclimated to the morning a bit... I finally took them off. Around 6pm last night when I got home. HA. It was actually quite comfy, and aside from the occasional sitting-indian-style-in-my-office-chair-and-showing-everyone-my-goods, no one even knew I had them on. I just might do that again the next time I wear a maxi-something.

Hope y'all have a lovely Wednesday!! Christmas is getting so close! :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Windy City

Cardigan: Target / Top: Aerie / Pants: Gap (super old) / Shoes: Thrifted Cons / Scarf: Handmade gift from B's momma

...And no I'm not talking about Chicago. The wind in the Tri-Cities last night was out of CONTROL. It had me up from 3:30am until about 5:30am, which is no picnic when you went to bed at midnight and have to get up at 6:45am. Gusts reached almost 75mph and shook the house so bad I thought it might collapse. Thankfully for us, the extent of our 'damage' was that our grill cover blew away, but many areas around the Tri-Cities look like a tornado went through! Garbage everywhere, tumbleweeds stacked up, power out, siding down and Christmas decorations scattered. Not cool weather, not cool.

Thats pretty much all I've got today folks, I'm crazy tired and cranky, and my eyeballs hurt. Time to do some work!

Hope yall have a lovely Monday!

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Swing and a Miss

Top: Stylemint / Dress: Target (super old)

I must admit I'm not thrilled with the way this outfit came together. I really wanted to work on the whole "taking my summer maxi dresses into fall" thing, and I thought these pieces would be a great match. Unfortunately for me, it was only good in theory and the execution turned out pretty poor. I blame a large part of it on my styling, which I was able to give a whooping 10 seconds of thought to as I grabbed my glasses and makeup bag and ran out the door this morning. Darn you, snooze button!

I digress. You can't win 'em all and this blog is just as much about my fashion misses as it is hits. How else are you supposed to broaden your proverbial horizons, amirite?

Anyway I can't be too mad - it's Friday! Woot woot! And today I have a half day and a hair appointment which makes for a pretty great Friday to boot! B is pretty busy at the moment, so I plan on spending a quiet Friday evening of Christmas movie watching...or perhaps Harry Potter marathon?? Anything is possible ;)
Anyone else have any fun plans this weekend??

Also - don't forget! If you follow me on Twitter at @xo_kathrynlaine make sure you get rid of that one and follow me over at @kmook! It's about time you really see what my little slice of life is about :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Styled by B

Sweater: JCPenney / Top: JCP (similar, cant find the original online) / Cord: JCP / Shoes: Toms

So all week I've been mentioning our little trip to JCPenney. You would think it was some ginormous deal or something, but you know how it is when you get new clothes - you want to wear them right away!! Anyway this little diddy is especially cute, cuz B picked the whole thing out for me. I should mention that this isn't unusual, and B has a complete knack for what I like and what looks good on me - even more-so then I do sometimes.

We were browsing the sale racks and he picked up this sweater first. I LOVED it, but wasnt sure what I'd wear it with, so we put it back. Then, he found these cords (and in my size - he even knows my size! Keeper I tell ya.) and first, I loved the color, I have a lot of abrasively colored pants (re: yesterdays outfit) and I knew these would go with everything. B then proceeded to tell me to go pick the sweater back up, and he'd find me a shirt for underneath. I loved that he picked this tee A) because the fit is excellent - fitted yet loose in all the right places and B) the color 'goes' in a nonobvious way.

Its just a super comfy little winter outfit. B even picked out my shoes. I sure do love that man.

Anyway, its THURSDAY y'all! Only a few more days until another glorious weekend. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confession Wednesday

Sweater: JCPenney / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoe-Slippers: Forever 21


This may be my absolute favorite new sweater. I mentioned yesterday B and I went on a little shopping trip to the JCP (for him, which I of course highjacked, and ended up buying more then him). This little number was one of my finds. I'm in love with the back detail, and the neutral black and white stripe is going to go with EVERYTHING. The fit is also great, and even as I (continue) to lose weight it'll look awesome.


I say 'continue' in parenthesis because I ate out, and ate badly, twice already this week. Oi. I may see the result when I hit the scale Sunday.


There are some exciting things happening in our lives - more on that soon - and no I'm not pregnant, before you even ask!

I may or may not turn this into a weekly thing huh? Perhaps after the holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not today, fancy pants.

Top: Target / Skirt: Target / Mocs...ok slippers: Forever 21 / Watch: Target / Necklace: Gift (similar)

Do you ever plan a really cute, well styled outfit the night before, and then get up, look at said outfit and say "Uh-uh. No way. Not today." Cuz I do that pretty regularly, and this outfit was the result of such a morning. I had planned for a fancy tank and flowy top and too tight jeans and my booties, and I woke up and said "Yea. Comfort wins." So here we are. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done, amirite?

Last night B and I went to the mall to get him a new outfit for something he has coming up. We went to JCPenney, and I ended up leaving with more stuff then he did! When did JCPenney get so cute?!

Anywho, hope you all have a glorious Tuesday :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beauty Find: Liquid Lipstick

Awhile back I was totally bragging about Revlon's Bitten Lip Stain. Now, don't get me wrong, it's still one of my favorites, but a week or two after opening, I noticed it starts to dry out and the color isn't as bold or bright. Major bummer for an $8 lip stain. (I'm just getting into lipstick, so to me, that's muy pricey-o for only a few good uses.)

Anyway after another day of mediocre lip color I decided to hit wally-world and see what other options are out there. I honestly cant stand lip STICK, it ends up on everything, I can't eat or drink water (I drink water without reapplying and I feel like I have to constantly be conscious of it.

I'm normally pretty loyal to my makeup companies, so I breezed over to the Revlon section, and there it was...

This shiz says it last for up to 24 hours and its NOT kidding. In fact, at the end of the night you need MAKEUP REMOVER to get it off, washing alone doesn't work! To some people that might be an annoyance but to me its pure bliss. I put it on in the morning and I might touch up after lunch, depending on what I ate, and then I'm good for the rest of the day and night. My only suggestion is to make sure you have a chapstick handy as it does feel get dry on its own, and that being said, make sure you dont mind your chapstick getting a hint of color mixed in it.

Top Tomato is my favorite shade so far, as I'm on a huge red lippy kick. If you try it out let me know! I'd love to hear your opinions and favorite colors!

*note this is in no way a sponsored post. I found it, tried it, loved it and I know you will too :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tweet, Tweet

Good morning lovelies!

When I started this blog I thought I wanted to keep my personal life and my blog life separate. I created a new Twitter account (xo_kathrynlaine) to promote my blog, while still using my personal Twitter (@kmook) as I normally would. I barely posted on xo_kathrynlaine, and I realized that was completely silly.
I want you guys to know the real me, in all my silly, sometimes profound, (and once in awhile drunk) tweeting glory.

So in an effort to let you guys get to know me a little better, I'm doing away with my xo_kathrynlaine account. If you follow it - first, thank you - and second, please feel free to catch up with me over at @kmook.

I admit I haven't been the most consistent blogger, and maybe you'll get a little more of an idea of my whereabouts if I disappear :)

With that in mind, since I was a bad girl again this week (shocker), heres an outfit photo from this week. Taken the old school iPhone way. Holla!

Maxi Dress: Target (old) / Sweater: Maurices (similar) / Shoes: Gap (similar) / Scarf: Forever 21 (similar) / Glasses: Firmoo (similar)

This outfit was super comfy for a long Wednesday at work. I had meetings and loads of work... such has been my week. Plus this whole getting up early thing has been killer, even though I love being home and in my sweats before 5! (Don't judge).

Anyway, happy Friday y'all, hope you have a beautiful weekend!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mornings Make My Head Hurt

Blazer: Target (similar) / Top: Stylemint / Jeggings: AE / Shoes: AE (similar, but sooo much cuter)

By now, I think I've sufficiently expressed how much I hate the mornings. I'm not good at waking up, I'm even worse at actually getting out of bed, and every. tiny. noise. irritates me. Even on a good day. That being said, my boss approached us about nailing down more regular hours moving forward (we have a pretty casual come and go as you please environment - the kind where you can run to Starbucks at 10am and its nbd). As I nearly grunted for him to put me on the 9-6 shift, I realized, it didnt matter what time I HAD to get up. If I was going to be forced to do so, I might as well get up earlier and be done with work earlier! So today was the first day of 7:30am-4:30pm.

It did not start well.

I woke up on time but was having a bad hair day. B was parked behind me in the driveway so I had to take his jeep but couldn't find his keys. When I did find them and get to work, I realized I'm now one of the first at the office so I have to unlock the door... whose key was on MY key ring at home.


So it's a Tuesday but it sure as heck feels like Monday. Oh well. At least I like my outfit. :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mellow Monday

Sweatshirt: A&F (similar) / Jeans: AE / Mocs: Minnetonka / Glasses: Firmoo / Earrings: Forever 21 (similar)

Wow guys, can we just talk about the fact that its December? For one, it doesn't FEEL like December. Its still mild and sunny. And secondly, I can't get over how fast this year has gone. It seems like just yesterday was New Years Eve 2011 and we were just getting situated in the Tri-Cities!

Anyway there isn't much to say about this outfit, other than it was casual Friday. And in my already casual office, I take that to mean the only day I really feel comfortable wearing a hoodie most of the time. :)

How was everyone's weekend?? Y'all getting into the holiday spirit? B and I got our Christmas tree up and decorated with all our ribbons, but I haven't managed to get the ornaments up yet - tonight probably! Other then that it was a pretty mellow weekend and that feeling is following me into Monday (which I appreciate). We played some vintage video games (hello SNES) and watched the Boardwalk Empire season finale (gah!), AND I discovered Bud Select 55 is only TWO points on Weight Watchers. Yes please. Overall, I'd say the weekend was a success. OH and I'm down 4.1 lbs for my first week on WW. Feels pretty good :)

Hope you all have a glorious Monday!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cuffin' it

Jacket: Army Surplus Store. For realz. / Tee: Stylemint / Jeans: Forever 21 / Snood: AE / Shoes: Cons, thrifted. / Glasses: Firmoo (yes I know I have a problem)

So I wore these jeans to work, and typically, I roll them up once or twice due to their length. When I got to work I was on Pinterest (whoops) and I saw a little pin about tips from a J. Crew stylist. One of the awesome tips was how to create a 'messy' cuff. I, of course, immediately recreated this on my own cuff and I loved it. It shall be my new way of cuffing!

Anyhooters, I was on a shoot yesterday morning so I had to dress comfortably since I was lugging crap around, and in layers in case we were outside. I've had this camo jacket in my closet for awhile, but I typically only wear it when I go camping or shooting or something of the outdoorsy sort (*hashtag redneck*). My brothers pick these up for me on occasion from shows or surplus stores when they get a good deal on my size. I have 3 or 4 different types of these jackets in my closet. True story. But I think this one cost $3, which is epic. Trendy AND cheap? Bet the Army Surplus Store had no idea...

Happy Friday ya'll!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Musical Memories

 Cardi: NY & Co. (old - similar) / Tank: Old Navy (similar) / Jeans: AE (similar) / Scarf: AE (similar) / Belt: CAbi / Shoes: Michael Kors / Glasses: Firmoo

Do you ever have days where you just HAVE to listen to a specific album or artist for some reason? Like it perfectly sets or suits your mood. Today I'm having a nostalgic day and I can.not.stop. listening to Leona Lewis. Its funny how music can take you back to a certain time in your life.

I digress. I really liked this outfit until I saw the pictures. I feel like the wide-leg pants make things look a little masculine maybe? But I love the colors anywho. Side note, this is day 4 dirty hair. I'm taking the week without washing challenge, and dry shampooing it up, and I am completely erring on the side of LOVING it. My hair feels silky and its completely doing its own thing. Day 2 was rough, but after working through that kink, its rockin. I strongly suggest you try it, for the health of your (in my case severely,) beaten up hair!

Hope you all have a beautiful day kids!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dress: Kohls (similar) / Boots: Blowfish (last season) / Sweater: Abercrombie (similar) / Glasses: Firmoo

Happy hump day ya'll! This week has been hectic between sicky mcgee B at home and work being busy... and the apartment... Yes, ye old apartment. We put that off for the entire month, and now that B is sick, looks like THIS girl has to finish emptying it out. Its pretty close to empty at this point, it just needs cleaned by Friday at 9:30am. Ugh. We left it kind of trashed, so I'm not looking forward to the cleanup effort! Whoops. Kinda brought that on ourselves didn't we?

Anywho, today's outfit was a more laid back variation of the last time I wore this dress. Overall, it was pretty comfortable! Man, that picture makes me miss my tan though. This is the time of the year I start to feel beastly pale and I long for the sun.. .or tanning bed. I know, I know, its bad for you... but so good...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Weighty Issues

Sweater: Old, B's, I think from Target / Jeans: Old Navy / Mocs: Minnetonka for AE / Necklace: AE

It's been a little while since I've worn my green jeans. Since I got them last spring and wore them all summer, I thought itd be fun to see how I could 'fall' them up a bit. Turns out when you pair them with a super neutral sweater its pretty easy, but nonetheless, I love this outfit. It was simple and fun, and super comfortable. I can't get enough of my moccasins for fall either, they are litrally (Parks & Rec anyone?) the perfect fall shoe.
What's your favorite "fall" clothing item??

On a slightly more personal note, yesterday was day one of Weight Watchers for me. In a nutshell, I've gained 28 lbs. (TWENTY EIGHT POUNDS!!!) in the past year. If you want to read a little bit about my journey to this point, and the road ahead, you can check it out HERE. I've had success with Weight Watchers in the past, so I'm pretty stoked about doing it again!

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday afternoon :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Comfy much?

Top: Anthropologie / Jeans: Forever 21 + / Mocs: Minnetonka for AE / Hat: AE (old) / Glasses: Firmoo

Can we just talk about how these are "Plus size" jeans for a minute? Since when is size twelve "Plus size"? Not that it matters too awful much because they are hella comfy and fit like a glove, but come ON. I know I'm not a stick, but I don't generally consider myself plus size. Especially when my big ole boobies are in a size medium top... and plus size bottoms. Seems a little inconsistent, no? Size isn't anything but a number ladies, and remember that if you are shopping and find yourself needing to go up a size or two... shiz isnt consistent. You can be a small in one store and a large in another!

Ok done ranting. Now tell me, how was your Thanksgiving?? It was pretty mellow in the Kathryn Laine household. B and I made dinner, but we were both sick for the majority of the weekend which meant a lot of sleeping, chloroseptic and nose blowing. I did, however, manage to get the Christmas decorations out and the tree up (albeit, undecorated). One step at a time! I'm so excited for the Christmas season this year. We aren't even really doing anything for it, and because of all our moving expenses we wont exchange anything crazy as far as gifts go. I'm just happy to celebrate it in our new place this year!

Anywho, lovely readers, I'm sending mental caffeine your way today, 'cuz if you are anything like me, being at work on this Cyber Monday after a long weekend is severely wearing you out. Severely.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mad about Monochromatic

Top: Merona for Target (similar) / Jeans: CAbi / Booties: AE / Scarf: Forever 21 (similar)

I really had to hold myself back from the whole "I'm blue da-ba-dee da-ba-di" thing, but if I'm being honest it's all I can think about with this outfit. *facepalm*. I got these jeans from that CAbi party I was raving about awhile back and I LOVED them at the party... then I got my order and was so disappointed with the fit. Then I realized, they are just super long, and thats ok, every girl needs at least one pair of jeans that she can wear with heels! So I pulled out my new little AE bootie wedges and history was made.... Ok maybe not history, but a really cute outfit!

Does anyone else do that? Try something on and think you are in love, only to get it home and have it hang in your closet for eternity because you can't figure out if you really like it in the grand scheme of your closet? First world problems. For realz.

On another note, its almost Thanksgiving!! B and I don't have any real plans, just to cook a little dinner, drink a little hot toddy and enjoy the long weekend. Much needed, since I'm still a tad under the weather. Ah well. What are ya'lls plans for Turkey Day??

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Annnnd she's back!

Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) / Tee: AE / Jeans: Forever 21 / Mocs (technically slippers, don't judge): Forever 21

Well hey there lovely readers!! I've missed you all!!

We are all moved into our townhouse and pretty much unpacked. Our new furniture came and we are all organized and settled, and I LOVE it. I actually feel like I'm coming HOME after a long day. I'm not sure I've ever felt so settled and comfortable before. Its such a good feeling knowing I'm coming home to OUR place. Not just a building where I share all my walls with other people. Theres no one above or below us, no one pounding on our kitchen wall when we are just talking on the other side. Kinda amazing.

Beyond that, I survived my two hell weeks of work, but not without incident. I got sick in the middle of my work trip to Chicago, and while I'm no longer puking my brains out, its definitely lingering. I'm fatigued and super stuffy, with a side of sore throat. Lovely. But all that aside I was so excited to start posting again, and I figured what better way to start then with a tribute to my hometown MNF team. GO BEARS!

So what have I missed the past few weeks?? Have ya'll been up to anything cool or exciting?! I'm thousands deep in my bloglovin' feed so I've been a little too overwhelmed to look. Update me!

PS. How adorable is Rosie photobombing my picture up there? That girl. Just too cute for words. *hashtag crazycatlady*

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bloggy Break Time!

It seriously saddens me to have to do this when I just took a break a couple months ago.

Nonetheless, I at least want ya'll to know where I am! I haven't disappeared or stopped blogging, and I hope you'll check in with me in a couple weeks after the craziness stops!

B and I are officially (semi) moved. We are living at the townhouse and most of our stuff is here, but moving has been an arduous process (it always is) and some of our stuff is still at the apartment. We are slowly unpacking here, and in the midst of it all, I have 2 hell weeks coming my way at work. I have video shoots all week, and I'm still expected to get my normal daily tasks done... hello long days and longer nights. Once I (hopefully) survive the week, my lovely lady fried Rae is coming to visit for a week, in the middle of which I have to take a business trip to Chicago (yay home!).

By the time I get downtime again it'll be Thanksgiving. Literally.

SO in an effort to keep myself sane I'm not going to burden myself with more work and another deadline to add to my list (even though blogging isn't really work and I LOVE it), my posts will be sporadic and likely short and sweet when they happen.

Hugs and kisses ya'll, see you soon!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

And so it begins

Sweater: Forever 21 / Tank: Old Navy / Pants: Gap circa 2006 / Flats: Gap circa 2007

Happy Monday yall! This week is set to be an exhausting one. B and I have barely packed and yet we are getting the keys to our new place on Wednesday. We have movers coming to move the heavy stuff (we are on the 3rd floor right now, ain't no way we were lugging my giant Victorian style bedroom set down those stairs ourselves!), new furniture being delivered, and loooots of packing to do. On the upside I only have a 3 day week in the office. On the downside, I'd rather be in the office then doing moving. Hashtag UGH.

Due to the long days of work and the long nights of packing, you'll likely see pretty casual, comfortable ensembles this week. See Exhibit A above. :)

Hope you all have a lovely start to your week!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Smooth Criminal

Blazer: Forever 21 (similar) / Jeans: AE / Tee: AE / Booties: Kohls

I hate hate hate that I have to lighten these so much all the detail is lost! My jegs look black but in reality they are a pretty shade of burgundy. Ah well.

This blazer was another sweet find in my Forever 21 haul a month or two back in Seattle. This was its first wear and I lurve it. Cozy like a sweatshirt and cute like... something I can't think of right now. Hey it's Friday, this is what happens to me at the end of a long week! Irregardless (yea, I went there) I have a feeling its going to get a lot of mileage, especially given the Tri-Cities propensity for random weather. It also makes me feel like I'm in prison stripes a little bit, which I oddly like. Hm.

Anyhooters, this weekend is going to be spent packing with some beer and Halloween partying mixed in. We get the keys to our townhouse next week! Whoop whoop! Here's hoping we actually make a dent in boxing up our apartment!

Have a lovely weekend yall!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hammer Time

Sweater: Kohl's (Chaps mens clearance) / Pants: CAbi / Flats: Target

It's official - I get home too late to take outfit pictures in the evening. Sun, where have you gone?!
I have no place in my apartment that has good lighting.. that'll be remedied when we move in a few weeks but I suppose until then you'll have to suffer through painfully photoshopped and brightened photos. What do you fellow bloggers do when there's no good lighting for your shots?!

Anywho, I seriously love these pants.
I tried them on at the CAbi party, but ended up not purchasing them... only to not be able to stop thinking about them and all the lovely ways I could integrate them into my wardrobe this fall and winter. I lovingly dubbed them my 'Hammer pants' (2 legit 2 quit) and called the consultant to add them to my order. I'm sooooooo stinkin' glad I did! They can be worn as leggings or scrunched up to the knee as cute little capris like so. They are a stretchy, sweat pant type material, but have a professional look about them. I am officially on the 'lounge wear as work wear' bandwagon. Consider me sold. They will fit in nicely with my recently acquired and also lovingly dubbed Pajama Skirt.

Am I getting lazy or what?!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wrapped up with a bow

Sweatshirt: Forever 21 / Skirt: Target / Booties: Kohls

Two days in a row! What?! Ok let's not jinx it, shall we?

The cool streak in the Tri-Cities continues and I'm hella not complaining. I'm more then happy to bring out my sweatshirts and booties. I got this adorbs little graphic sweatshirt whilst perusing Forever 21 downtown Seattle. Sometimes I miss my favorite stores so much it hurts. I never realized how much I took for granted having all the best shopping at my fingertips. There were more than twenty Forever 21's within a short driving distance around Chicago. TWENTY. And now I have to drive 2 hours to even be near ONE. Oi. Problems with small town living, amirite?! At least we live in the day of online shopping!

Hope you all are having a beautiful (stress-free!) week!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barely Breathing

Sweater: CAbi / Skirt: Kohls / Boots: Blowfish

Well hey there friends! Long time no see!

I'm sorry for my little disappearing act. And I didn't even leave a note. Hope yall weren't too worried! (I'm sure you weren't :)

Turns out, sometimes, life just majorly gets in the way of daily blogging. Which is really sad, especially when I wear cute outfits and have cute new hair (obviously not seen here). Meh. Work has just been a nightmare lately. And by nightmare I mean I come home from work and cry into my passion tea after stuffing my face with leftover pizza (and not hitting the gym). Yea. Pretty awesome. And aside from that, B and I are also in the midst of trying to get packed to move. AND I'm PMS-ing. So that being said, its probably in everyone's best interest that I took the last week off. Ha!

A few weekends ago I hit my first CAbi party. Never heard of it? Yea I hadn't either. But it turns out they have some SUPER cute stuff. And I'm told by all my CAbi-crazy friends that their clothes last forever, which I'm pretty stoked about. This sweater was just one of my awesome finds, and I know i'm going to wear the crap outta it this fall and winter. Cozy? Check. Great colors? Check. Awesome collar? Check.
I feel especially fall-y in this ensemble too, which is fitting as it was actually a dreary, rainy and COLD day in the Tri. B also brought home some pumpkins to carve (yea we are a little late in the game with moving and such). AND we'll be watching the Bears game and eating our leftover chili. Yup. Doesnt get much more fall-y then that.

Anyhooters, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit, but if I'm not, don't fret, I'm still alive.. barely!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It all started with chili and pumpkin coozies

Top: Freebird via StitchFix / Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad (last season) / Flats: Target

Ya'll its happening, and it's happening quick.


There's no doubt about it. It's definitely here. 

It started yesterday when B made his DELICIOUS chili... the skies were overcast and there was a cool breeze. As we drank Coors light on the couch out of my pumpkin coozies whilst watching football, I started to feel the shift. Then today, after work, the light faded fast. I mean FAST. And and it started RAINING (Gasp! Honestly, this is a supreme rarity in the desert of the Tri-cities, Washington). And now, I know for sure. Welcome fall, my old friend.

Now the down side is that it made for super poor lighting for my photos, so I apologize.
One thing that has nothing to do with the lighting, however, is the darkness of my hair! No need to adjust your monitors -- I've gone ombre! I know, I'm out of control, and my hair is going to fall out soon. But it's going to stay like this a bit because I'm pretty in love with it.

I'm off for a day of fun shooting with the video team. I hope ya'll have a lovely Tuesday! :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Supa Casz.

Sweatshirt: Maurices / Pants: AE / Flats: Target / Glasses: Bebe

Any other daily style bloggers out there feel like every outfit you put on has to be 100% amazing? Like the average, run of the mill casual outfit isn't good enough to even take note of, so you usually don't bother with a photo and don't even think about blogging it, you just prefer to act like that outfit never happened? Cuz I totally do that. And last Friday when I wore this I had no intention of sharing it. But then I thought, um, why not?! I want you guys to see the REAL me. That was part of me wanting to do this blog! I'm perfectly imperfect. I'm not stick thin, and I can't afford a ton of fancy clothes (or camera equipment for that matter!). And sometimes, just sometimes, I don't at all feel like putting any effort or thought into my outfit for the day (I'll be honest, this typically does occur on Fridays, HA!).

So, here we are. My hair is dirty and my makeup unfinished. I was too lazy to put in my contacts so glasses were what was up. I didn't even bother to look for earrings or other accessories. And it doesn't get much more comfy then linen pants and a sweatshirt, amirite?! B was super sweet and told me I looked 'so cute' when I came from work in this ensemble. I thought he was crazy, and then I was so thankful he appreciates me all done up and in lazy clothes and barely there makeup face just reminded me how lucky I am. Even though sometimes he also compares me to this.

Also - HI JENNA!!!!
One of my favorite co-workers and friends has ditched me in the office to recover from some craziness at home for a few weeks. You can read about her health journey here if you are interested, but just know this lady is hella strong and super amazing. I miss her dearly and whilst I want to beat her up for leaving me with some of her clients, I'm so glad she's making great strides in getting better. COME BACK SOON (but not too soon, only when you are ready!) PLEASE!! :)

Hope everyone has a beautiful start to your week!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Stylitics is winning

Top: Simply Vera @ Kohl's (old) / Jean: Old Navy / Scarf: Handmade gift from B's momma! / Shoes: Kohls (similar)

I have raved about before, and you are about to hear it some more. Awhile back, they ran a little contest for you to send them an item in your virtual closet that you needed help styling. I sent them these green jeans, and while I didn't win the contest, they still looked in my closet and sent me 2 or 3 recommendations on how to style them with things I already own. Epic. This outfit is the result of one of those recommendations and I'm COMPLETELY in love with it. The colors work great together and it was super comfortable. Stylitics win.

Seriously though, if you are into planning your outfits ahead of time and seeing how much you really have in your closet - start a Stylitics account! Add clothes, play, mix and match, plan your whole weeks worth of outfits on Sunday night (yes I do that, stop judging me).

OH and I just remembered its Friday (yea my brains fried ATM)! Enjoy your weekend lovelies!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A little bit Rock'n'Roll

Tee: A&F / Vest: Stylemint / Jeans: Forever 21 / Flats: Target / Glasses: Firmoo

I'm kind of obsessed with this vest. It was my first ever Stylemint purchase, and I've been waiting for the right time to wear it. I feel a little grungy 90's in it, no? This vest definitely showed me that I need a little more flannel in my life. I often put outfits together without really thinking about the whole look head to toe, but that was not the case here. Everything from the dirty, messy hair to the glasses to the cuff of my jeans was intentional, and I looooove the way it turned out. What do you guys think? Am I channeling my rocker side?! 


B and I got the townhouse! Whoop whoop! We pick up the keys Oct. 31! I always knew Halloween was a lucky day. I can't wait to move and, in typical Katie fashion, I also can't wait to go furniture shopping this weekend! We have a lot of space to fill! Last night we sat down and discussed what we needed/wanted, and the fact that the couch we purchase, will be our couch for the next 10 years, is just nuts to me. It feels like a really big commitment to a piece of furniture. Hopefully we find one that makes us say 'we do'. 

Now on to the NOT so fun part - getting our apartment packed up in 3 weeks - eesh! (Side note, isn't it crazy that after living somewhere for a year you can accumulate so much crap?! We purged when we moved here and yet we have a TON of stuff to get rid of already! Goodwill here we come!)

I hope ya'll have a lovely Wednesday hump day!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Out of control

Top: Sonoma for Kohls / Skirt: Sonoma for Kohls / Flats: Target / Glasses: Firmoo

Guys, my Bloglovin' feed is out of control. I usually have time to peruse it on and off through out the work day, but after a WEEK of being crazy busy and not being able to check it at all, I'm thousands deep in unread blog posts. Makes me sad.

I digress. Today Blaine and I are going to finish the final step of the application process for a SUPER CUTE townhouse we stumbled upon. Our lease is up at our apartment next month and we have been dying to get out of apartment life. We didn't know where to look when we first decided to make this move, so getting into an apartment was ideal at the time. Now, we have been here almost a year and 2 noise complaints, 4 annoying neighbors, 1,000 measly sqft., and a whole lot of parking issues later, we are ready to be donezo.

This townhouse is ideal, because one, its huge - over 2,100 sqft., 3 stories, 3 bed/3.5 bath, with an oversized garage, and oversized deck, etc.; Two its an end unit, which means we only share one wall with neighbors, and its the stairway wall, so only 2 rooms in the whole place actually share the wall; and Three its a good in between step from an apartment and a house. We don't have to worry about lawn maintenance but we still have outdoor space. I'd love to be in a house, no doubt, but the price is right and the lease is month to month, which means we aren't tied down should we decide we'd rather have a house, OR if Blaine gets transferred.

Anyway, we are SUPA excited about it. Change is good :)

Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

[Weekend Wear] Anniversary Edition

Blazer: Target / Tank: Old Navy / Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's / Shoes: Michael Kors / Purse: Coach / Photos compliments of photographer B :)

Happy Monday ya'll!
Though Blaine and I's anniversary was last Monday, we actually celebrated it Saturday night. And this is what I wore!
We had a nice fancy dinner, hit the comic book store and grabbed a couple beers and played the touch screen games at a local dive bar. We ended the evening playing a round of Wii Wheel of Fortune. Ah 2 years of relationship bliss :) It may have been simple but it was a blast, and I'm so thankful to have had B in my life for these last two years. I'm a lucky lady!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Cardi: AE (similar) / Top: Target (similar) / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Keds (old) (similar and STINKING adorable)

Happy Friday ya'll!

We survived yet another week!

Yesterday we had an on-site meeting with a client that wasn't entirely thrilled our company. I wanted to wear something professional to assert myself, but casual (they are a jeans and tee environment too), but still young and creative to reflect our company. This outfit totally worked for me. Plus it was super comfortable and warm for the crazy chilly morning air, and I could remove the cardi in the afternoon when it warmed up (a little). Outfit win. It was also a client win as we totally won them back over with our wit and charm. Er, something.

I spent the back end of this week trying to get back in my groove, and I think it's working. I've been to the gym everyday (if it seems like overkill, trust me, it's not. If you only knew how tight my pants are currently fitting..), I'm actually putting a little bit of effort into my outfits AND remembering to take photos, AND blogging them! Honestly though, I'm EXHAUSTED from all the effort. It doesn't seem to matter if I go to bed at 10pm (too much sleep) or 1:00am (too little sleep) or any time in between, I just can NOT peel myself out of bed in the morning. Does anyone have a good fix for actually waking up when your alarm goes off? And not being so tired in the morning?! Its killing me.

Anyhooters, I digress. B and I are going out to one of my favorite (and most fancy!) places in the Tri to celebrate our anniversary this evening. Other then that, this weekend we are going go look for rental houses, make some yummy chili, and probably play some games! We are making a concerted effort to chill the next few weeks instead of going out and spending our moolah, as we'll likely need some of it for a deposit on a house soon!

Ok time for some work for this girl, hope you all have a beautiful weekend :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK and an outfit!

Sweater: B's, old, I think its from Target? / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: Blowfish

Normally today I'd Thursday remix it up. Sadly, I didnt post an outfit last week so I had none to remix. Next week I'll remix something from THIS outfit though, so watch out! This is happening.

So on to my 'it's ok's'. I really like this little Thursday feature because it makes me feel better about my bad choices ;)

It's OK that I went to the gym on my lunch hour, and forgot my sweat towel, shower shoes and deodorant... or is it? That will be determined by how my coworkers react to my smell AND if I develop athletes foot. TBD.

It's OK that I couldn't find anything for lunch so I stopped at the gas station and bought a greek yogurt and cheese stick. Must go to the grocery this weekend.

It's OK that I had to talk myself off a ledge when I got a new AE coupon in the mail. "You DO NOT need to buy any more clothes right now!"

It's OK that my beautiful roses from my anniversary are starting to wilt. I will keep them as long as humanly possibly because they represent something so special, I love looking at them every day.

It's OK to take a mental health break in the middle of the day, and go talk to my girlfriends instead of working. My plate is overloaded and my brain is having a hard time keeping it straight.

It's OK that the temps are cooling off and now I can't stop thinking about all my fall outfit choices! Katie is a happy girl :)

It's OK that I've been so busy this past month all I can think about in the evening is plopping on the couch and playing video games or catching up on my DVR until my brain is numb and then I go to sleep.

Thats all I got. What are your 'It's OK' moments??

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to get back

Kimono Wrap: Poshlov via StitchFix / Tee: AE / Jeans: AE / Mocs: Minnetonka for AE

I feel bad for my bloggy. This past month I haven't given it the TLC it so deserves. With that being said, I haven't given myself the TLC I so deserve. You know how I know? My outfits have been less then satisfactory, the gym has been a distant memory, and I haven't done my hair in weeks. I think it's more then time to get back to my routine. No?

Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Years and a Whole Lotta Change

Due to my slacking last week I dont have an outfit post for ya'll today. BUT I do have a lil something else to chat about it! If you dont like to read sappy love story posts (and I don't blame you, I usually don't either but today is a special occasion so I get to spew about all things sweet and lovey!) hop to the next post in your blog feed! :)

Just over two years ago, I was single and living in a super cute little apartment outside Chicago. I dated, but hadn't actually connected with anyone in a really long time. I decided if I was going to meet someone worth having a relationship with, I needed to try something new. I signed up for eHarmony and was active for about a month when I saw a cute guy blonde guy show up on my matches. When I read through his profile I was in awe. It felt like I was reading about myself - we had so many common interests! We started chatting and found out the crazy similarities didn't stop at favorite TV shows and hobbies... our families lived in the same small town, we were both the youngest and he was the only boy and I the only girl, we shared the same life goals.

We met October 1, 2010 at Lou Malnati's (only the best pizza place in the world). As nervous as I was, when I saw him I felt at ease. We had no trouble communicating, and we ate and talked forever. After dinner we went next door to a little hole in the wall bar that we ended up closing down. We had 3 dates that first week, and we've never looked back. Two years later I look back at all we've already been through in the short time we've been together, and its amazing to me how much we have grown.

We made the decision to move to Washington for his job when we were just shy of being together a year. Moving in together, a million miles away from friends and family wasn't without its challenges, but every step we take, and every fumble too, feels like its the right one for us. He's my rock. When I feel like I'm the only one in the world that feels some way about something... like no one else could ever understand me - he does. So thank you Blaine, for being amazing and supportive, and helping me through bad times as much as you hold my hand through the good. Thank you for loving me the way I love you. Happy 2 years past and many more to come ;)  <3

 2 months
 3 months
 5 months
 6 months
 8 months
 8 months

8 months
22 months

You all may now stop barfing and get ready to be back to outfit posts tomorrow!

Friday, September 28, 2012

An actual outfit post!

Top: Old Navy / Jeggings: Kohl's / Booties: Kohl's / Glasses: Firmoo

Whats this? An ACTUAL outfit post?! Yea, I know its Friday, but at least I got 2 in the books this week. Next week will be back to regularly scheduled programming, life has just been a little coo coo latley, and I'm not going to lie and say my outfits haven't taken a hit. I spent most of this week in old glasses, jeans and lame tees. For sure, not blog worthy.

It's my brothers last weekend in town and I think we are going to play it cool and enjoy just a bit more time together. I believe a trip to the Gorge, and wine tasting are in order! What are ya'll up to for this lovely FALL weekend???

Don't forget there's still a little bit of time left on the AWESOME giveaway happening over at For Lauren and Lauren -- Go! Enter! Win!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's OK...

It's OK that I haven't been able to post outfit pics this week... recovering from Seattle and kitty issues took precedence.

It's OK that I splurged and got a cream cheese pumpkin muffin at Starbucks this morning (YUM).

It's OK that its 82 degrees out but I'm wearing my new booties because I couldn't wait any longer to wear them!

It's OK that I'm a worried kitty mama and took my cat to two different vets this week (and spent a LOT of money. Thank God for Care Credit). If I hadn't, she wouldn't be feeling better today.

It's OK that I stayed out too late and drank too much last night because it was my big brother's 30th birthday! Whoop whoop!

It's OK that due to said staying out to late and drinking too much, I slept in late and brought my makeup with me to work... and it's ok that its now 11am and I still haven't put it on.

It's OK to miss cloudy fall days and rain. We don't get much of that here.

It's OK that I haven't made it to the gym at all this week. That always happens at a certain time of the month. Blast.

It's OK that I bought more hair dye. Again.

What are your 'It's OK' moments???

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Giveaway and Kitty Issues

Hi new followers from the beautiful Katie @ For Lauren and Lauren!!

If you guys have not been to Katie's (yes another Katie!! :) blog already you should! She's gorgeous, super thrifty and wise beyond her years. I adore her sweet style and inspirational outlook on life.

If that doesnt get you to check her out, this AWESOME giveaway she's having today should! It includes a $20 Kohl's card (via yours truly, you know I love me some Kohl's!), a $15 Target card, and personalized stationary to name a few -- and get this -- its WINNER TAKES ALL! Yes please!


So I know posting has been a little sparse this week, and here's part of the reason why.
If you are new to my little bloggy you may not yet know that I'm a crazy cat lady and I have two beautiful babes of my own. Lately Rosie has been in and out of the vet trying to get a UTI under control, and after my weekend in Seattle I noticed a complete change in her personality. She was hiding, not eating, vomiting and not wanting to be messed with. She is a SUPER cuddly kitty and she didn't want me to pet her or pick her up. I noticed she felt lighter when I tried. We spent some time at the vet and we can't figure out whats wrong with her. She was severely dehydrated and had lost about a pound in the last few weeks. The vet thinks she may have ingested something foreign that's obstructing her bowels, but nothing is showing up on x-rays. She finally ate a little last night and didn't vomit, but she still hasn't had any bowel movements. At this point they are thinking exploratory surgery may be the next step, and that breaks my heart. I dont want to put her through that needlessly, especially for the expense.

Todays plan of attack is to see if she passes any stool, and if not, its back to the vet we go.
I feel awful that she's clearly in pain and no one can figure out why. Please send her happy kitty thoughts and keep your fingers crossed that she goes potty soon!!

I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful day.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'd like another weekend day please.

Cardi: A&F (similar) / Dress: Target (super old) / Shoes: Michael Kors

Why is Monday always here so soon.
I die.

My posts are likely to be short and sweet this week kids, but I will say we had a blast in Seattle this weekend and I'm super bummed I had to come back last night instead of staying for the Packers/Seahawks game!! BUT we were in some stock footage taken by ESPN this weekend, so keep an eye out if your watching the game - you just might see me!

Hope you all have a lovely start to the week! :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Playing tourist

Top: Kohl's / Jeans: Old Navy / Flats: Target

Happy Friday ya'll!

Thought you'd get through a whole week without seeing a pair of my colored jeans, did you?
C'mon now, you know I can't let that happen! Green jeans it is!

This weekend we are heading to the other side of the mountains to show my bro Seattle, and really to spend some time there ourselves. I'm looking forward to playing tourist! I already left my heart in Portland a couple months ago when we spent a long weekend there, but I feel Seattle may have a similar effect. The boys are staying for the Seattle/Packers game Monday, but I'll hightail it back in time for the work week. Stupid work! Any Seattle-ites have any recommendations of fun places to check out?

Do ya'll have any fun weekend plans??

And, if you haven't already, don't forget to enter the amazeballs giveaway happening over at Shanna's blog!

And now, I'll leave you with this. Quite possibly my favorite kitteh video of all time. She clearly choreographed her fail for our entertainment. Thanks kitteh! (And I hope you survived the fall!)

Have a beautiful weekend friends!!
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