Thursday, September 5, 2013

38 Weeks

Tank: Motherhood Maternity / Pants: Motherhood Maternity / Jacket: Old New York & Co. / Shoes: Toms
How far along? 38 weeks, 5 days
Baby’s size? 19-22 in., about 6.5-7 lbs - the size of a watermelon!
Days until next doc appointment? 1 - every week now!
Total weight gain/loss? Around 30 lbs total. I'm hoping to stay around that until the end, but we shall see!
Maternity clothes? All the ones I have been wearing all pregnancy are becoming too small. I didn't want to buy a bunch more for the last month, so I'm more or less back in comfy leggings and B's old oversized shirts. The same way I started pregnancy! :)
Stretch marks? My stretch dots turned into definite stretch marks along my lower belly. There aren't a ton but enough to make me oil and lotion up like 10 times a day. They also itch like crazy!
Sleep: I dont sleep that well, but I do sleep for long periods of time. I've been exhausted lately and sleeping in until 11am some mornings since I'm not working most days. Often I get up around 7 or 8 and stay up for an hour or two and then go back for a nap too!
Best moment(s) this week:
We have had a lot of moments over the past several weeks! This week though its like she knows when we are talking to her. Shes especially responsive to B which is so stinking cute.
I'm also done working! I made it to my 38 week mark working retail yall, and I dont know how I did it. I thought I'd be done way earlier, but it still felt ok being on my feet for short shifts so I did it up! In fact I am about to go in and help out for an hour today too, but they aren't putting me on the schedule anymore. Its more of a day to day thing, and I think this'll be the last one I go in for. But I'm super proud of myself! It keeps me active too.
Movement: She's super strong now, and most people told me her movements would like slow by now, but shes really becoming more aggressive. When she moves we get big, bulging movements and my tummy gets all kinds of dilapidated and weird! I think she wants out, and I try to tell her I want her out too, but its all up to her... I think shes still trying to figure it out ;)
Missing anything? My regular clothes now that my maternity ones are becoming too small too! AE had a big sale last weekend so I bought a couple flowy oversized tops and a couple cardigans that I can wear over nursing tops this fall... felt good to shop for normal clothes a little again!
Food Cravings: I can not get enough of those mango pineapple smoothies from McDonalds. I require them several times a week and usually have them drank before I even get home. I'm obsessed. But I'm not sure if its because of a craving or they are really just that damn delicious! :)
Belly button: Turkey's done!
Happy or moody most of the time? Still happy. Swollen, but happy
Weekly symptoms: Swelling, some minor back pain, fatigue, increase in *ahem* certain secretions (tmi, I know)... overall I feel pretty good though which makes me worry I'm no where near l&d yet, even though my due date is next Saturday!! Gah!
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