Monday, July 22, 2013

32 Weeks,a Rainy Day Casual Ensemble, and My Pregnancy Non Plan

Tee: Birthday present from B / Jeans: Old Navy Maternity / Shoes: Target / Glasses: Firmoo

So before I launch into my update, I want to write a little bit about my pregnancy experience thus far. More for me then anything, but with all the other pregnant bloggettes out there I figure it could be good to read about others experiences!

I've mentioned before that our little bean was a surprise. We weren't planning for her, or trying to conceive. That being said, after being together nearly 3 years, B and I knew we wanted to start a family one day, and likely sooner rather then later, as I approached my 30's and B edged into his mid 30's. From the moment we found out, we have been excited and we knew she was coming at just the right time for us. I didnt know a ton about pregnancy or babies, (though thank God, many of my friends had just gone through pregnancies of their own which has been a tremendous help!) and at first I immersed myself in books, blogs, apps, friends tales and anything else you can get your hands on to learn about what was ahead. 

After a few weeks of research, I put down the books, and frankly, I've barely picked them up again. Now, don't get me wrong, I still read my weekly updates from my Babycenter and What to Expect apps, to see where baby girl is at in her growing process, and I've definitely Googled different pregnancy symptoms as I've experienced them (to find every single one has been normal). But at the end of the day, I'm just living in this experience.

I've had a very blessed pregnancy so far. I didn't have a lot of nausea, and my belly has been very accommodating to my growing girl. Aside from my belly and boobs, my body has barely changed, and I haven't even had any real swelling yet (except after a long day at work, but retail does that to even non-pregnant folks!). I've carried her easily to this point and without any bumps along the road (knock on wood). My moods have been extremely stable, without any crazy pregnant lady outbursts at all, and I have, for the most part, been my same smiley self (if not more smiley!). I feel calm and at ease.

B and I have had open communication between us and our doctor and then midwife, but we have had very few questions for her up to this point. As long as she has told us we are healthy and Bean is healthy, we just continue to do what we do. We also - and this one is a biggie - don't have a birth plan. Whatever way, and however she needs to come out is ok with us. Yes, I am hoping for a vaginal delivery. And I'm also hoping I can be strong enough to not have any meds. But if I can't take it, I will absolutely get an epidural. And if baby girl decides she doesnt want to be in the proper position for a vaginal delivery, then a c-section it is. The only "plan" we have is for her, and I, to healthily and safely go through this process in as much of a peaceful labor and delivery as possible. Just me and B, creating our little family, and likely having some laughs as we do so, because that's the kind of couple we are.

We have educated ourselves, but we also trust our midwife and doctors to help us along the way. Mostly, we are just incredibly plugged into our baby. Her movements, her reactions to us.. not to what everyone tells us she should be at this point. In a way, B and I are just along for the ride, and that's exactly how we have treated the past 7 months. We are in our little cocoon of a family already, and shes absolutely already a part of 'us'. I dont really know how to explain how calm we have remained during this time, but I feel so good about the ease of my pregnancy and what I hope will continue through labor and delivery.  None of it scares me and I just can't wait until shes in my arms. 

I've looked around the interwebs to see if there are any other couples who have treated their pregnancies in this manner, but I haven't had a lot of luck. Mostly I find ladies who are incredibly immersed in their pregnancies, which is awesome - it just doesn't work for B and I. I dont know what to call us ... hippies? free spirits or zen mamas? All I know is its all in God's hands for us, and we are just thanking him for even blessing us with this gift to begin with! Maybe it'll all change as we get closer to delivery, and if it does, thats ok too :)

On to the update...

How far along? 32 weeks, 3 days
Baby’s size? 19 in., about 4.5 lbs - the size of a honeydew melon!
Days until next doc appointment? 4 - this every 2 weeks thing cray.
Total weight gain/loss? Around 23 lbs total so far. The doctor tells me I'm healthy and on track so I'm going with it!
Maternity clothes? The shoes pictured above are just for looks. They don't even remotely fit anymore. Sad face.
Stretch marks? Got my first one on my belly! Though its less a stretch MARK and more a stretch DOT. Still oiling up on the reg!
Sleep: Getting so. much. harder. And I wake up really early most days and just get up. We are talking like 5-6am early. But my body just isn't having sleep, so I go with it. I know its all prep for bringing home a newborn! Besides, I Love Lucy is on at 6am so at least I have that to look forward to. :)
Best moment(s) this week:
Its been several weeks since I updated so lots of moments!! But my favorites of the past few weeks have been:
1) Had my baby shower weekend in Indiana - it was small and perfect thanks to my amazing sister in law!
2) FINALLY finishing her furniture and moving it all into her nursery, and starting to put things away! Its surreal to have baby things in the kitchen and family room and in her room like she actually lives with us now. 
Movement: The movements are changing but shes still a mover and shaker! Now its more rolling, stretching and pushing, lots of feet in my right ribcage and fists and head (our midwife tells me) in my left hip.
Missing anything? Sleep. And just being able to do things for myself. B takes such good care of me, but I hate that sometimes I cant even get off our bed (its really really tall and huge) without him pushing me, or shave my own legs.
Food Cravings: Not really having any anymore, or food aversions for that matter! I still like all the same foods I did pre-pregnancy, with the exception of some poultry. Chicken has to be, like, overdone for me to want to eat it.
Belly button: Its still a halfie! Though its more out than in now!
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! Just can't wait for her to get here!
Weekly symptoms: Overall achiness (is that a word?), especially in my back and feet, still heartburn if I eat too much spicy or red sauce...

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