Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Out of control

Top: Sonoma for Kohls / Skirt: Sonoma for Kohls / Flats: Target / Glasses: Firmoo

Guys, my Bloglovin' feed is out of control. I usually have time to peruse it on and off through out the work day, but after a WEEK of being crazy busy and not being able to check it at all, I'm thousands deep in unread blog posts. Makes me sad.

I digress. Today Blaine and I are going to finish the final step of the application process for a SUPER CUTE townhouse we stumbled upon. Our lease is up at our apartment next month and we have been dying to get out of apartment life. We didn't know where to look when we first decided to make this move, so getting into an apartment was ideal at the time. Now, we have been here almost a year and 2 noise complaints, 4 annoying neighbors, 1,000 measly sqft., and a whole lot of parking issues later, we are ready to be donezo.

This townhouse is ideal, because one, its huge - over 2,100 sqft., 3 stories, 3 bed/3.5 bath, with an oversized garage, and oversized deck, etc.; Two its an end unit, which means we only share one wall with neighbors, and its the stairway wall, so only 2 rooms in the whole place actually share the wall; and Three its a good in between step from an apartment and a house. We don't have to worry about lawn maintenance but we still have outdoor space. I'd love to be in a house, no doubt, but the price is right and the lease is month to month, which means we aren't tied down should we decide we'd rather have a house, OR if Blaine gets transferred.

Anyway, we are SUPA excited about it. Change is good :)

Hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday!!


  1. I completely understand what you mean about falling behind in blog reading! I am behind myself but just trying to take it easy and slowly catch up!

    FINGERS CROSSED you get the townhouse! That must be so exciting!!

  2. Congratulations!!! I hope it all works out! Make sure to post pictures if it all goes through!!! And I am soooo behind in my reading too!!

  3. GOOD LUCK with the place, sounds great!! And I know how you feel about Bloglovin, it can be SO overwhelming if you miss just 1 day, let alone a week! But you'll get to it at some point, its not going anywhere ;-)


  4. good luck, that is SO exciting!!! can't wait to hear the results :) and yes, keeping up with everyone's blog could be a job on it's own, but you can always come back :) have a wonderful evening!! xo

  5. I love mixing army green and leopard!! Good luck with the next chapter of your life :)


  6. What a great look. And I'm with you about the townhouse search! I too am donzo with my apartment, hubs and I are so tired of competing for a parking space and everything!

    Good luck in the application process!

    Understated Classics


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