Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hammer Time

Sweater: Kohl's (Chaps mens clearance) / Pants: CAbi / Flats: Target

It's official - I get home too late to take outfit pictures in the evening. Sun, where have you gone?!
I have no place in my apartment that has good lighting.. that'll be remedied when we move in a few weeks but I suppose until then you'll have to suffer through painfully photoshopped and brightened photos. What do you fellow bloggers do when there's no good lighting for your shots?!

Anywho, I seriously love these pants.
I tried them on at the CAbi party, but ended up not purchasing them... only to not be able to stop thinking about them and all the lovely ways I could integrate them into my wardrobe this fall and winter. I lovingly dubbed them my 'Hammer pants' (2 legit 2 quit) and called the consultant to add them to my order. I'm sooooooo stinkin' glad I did! They can be worn as leggings or scrunched up to the knee as cute little capris like so. They are a stretchy, sweat pant type material, but have a professional look about them. I am officially on the 'lounge wear as work wear' bandwagon. Consider me sold. They will fit in nicely with my recently acquired and also lovingly dubbed Pajama Skirt.

Am I getting lazy or what?!


  1. Oh Hammer. I love these pants! Look comfy I'm a big fan of stretchy. Especially when we have food days at work. It's true.

  2. You look so so cute!! Loving this look! Xo


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