Monday, October 15, 2012

Supa Casz.

Sweatshirt: Maurices / Pants: AE / Flats: Target / Glasses: Bebe

Any other daily style bloggers out there feel like every outfit you put on has to be 100% amazing? Like the average, run of the mill casual outfit isn't good enough to even take note of, so you usually don't bother with a photo and don't even think about blogging it, you just prefer to act like that outfit never happened? Cuz I totally do that. And last Friday when I wore this I had no intention of sharing it. But then I thought, um, why not?! I want you guys to see the REAL me. That was part of me wanting to do this blog! I'm perfectly imperfect. I'm not stick thin, and I can't afford a ton of fancy clothes (or camera equipment for that matter!). And sometimes, just sometimes, I don't at all feel like putting any effort or thought into my outfit for the day (I'll be honest, this typically does occur on Fridays, HA!).

So, here we are. My hair is dirty and my makeup unfinished. I was too lazy to put in my contacts so glasses were what was up. I didn't even bother to look for earrings or other accessories. And it doesn't get much more comfy then linen pants and a sweatshirt, amirite?! B was super sweet and told me I looked 'so cute' when I came from work in this ensemble. I thought he was crazy, and then I was so thankful he appreciates me all done up and in lazy clothes and barely there makeup face just reminded me how lucky I am. Even though sometimes he also compares me to this.

Also - HI JENNA!!!!
One of my favorite co-workers and friends has ditched me in the office to recover from some craziness at home for a few weeks. You can read about her health journey here if you are interested, but just know this lady is hella strong and super amazing. I miss her dearly and whilst I want to beat her up for leaving me with some of her clients, I'm so glad she's making great strides in getting better. COME BACK SOON (but not too soon, only when you are ready!) PLEASE!! :)

Hope everyone has a beautiful start to your week!!


  1. I love seeing bloggers in their everyday outfits! Makes them seem more 'real' to me!

    1. Yay! Good I'm glad, its hard to post pictures that aren't the most glamorous, but hey some days this is just reality :)
      Thanks for stopping by!!


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