Monday, October 1, 2012

2 Years and a Whole Lotta Change

Due to my slacking last week I dont have an outfit post for ya'll today. BUT I do have a lil something else to chat about it! If you dont like to read sappy love story posts (and I don't blame you, I usually don't either but today is a special occasion so I get to spew about all things sweet and lovey!) hop to the next post in your blog feed! :)

Just over two years ago, I was single and living in a super cute little apartment outside Chicago. I dated, but hadn't actually connected with anyone in a really long time. I decided if I was going to meet someone worth having a relationship with, I needed to try something new. I signed up for eHarmony and was active for about a month when I saw a cute guy blonde guy show up on my matches. When I read through his profile I was in awe. It felt like I was reading about myself - we had so many common interests! We started chatting and found out the crazy similarities didn't stop at favorite TV shows and hobbies... our families lived in the same small town, we were both the youngest and he was the only boy and I the only girl, we shared the same life goals.

We met October 1, 2010 at Lou Malnati's (only the best pizza place in the world). As nervous as I was, when I saw him I felt at ease. We had no trouble communicating, and we ate and talked forever. After dinner we went next door to a little hole in the wall bar that we ended up closing down. We had 3 dates that first week, and we've never looked back. Two years later I look back at all we've already been through in the short time we've been together, and its amazing to me how much we have grown.

We made the decision to move to Washington for his job when we were just shy of being together a year. Moving in together, a million miles away from friends and family wasn't without its challenges, but every step we take, and every fumble too, feels like its the right one for us. He's my rock. When I feel like I'm the only one in the world that feels some way about something... like no one else could ever understand me - he does. So thank you Blaine, for being amazing and supportive, and helping me through bad times as much as you hold my hand through the good. Thank you for loving me the way I love you. Happy 2 years past and many more to come ;)  <3

 2 months
 3 months
 5 months
 6 months
 8 months
 8 months

8 months
22 months

You all may now stop barfing and get ready to be back to outfit posts tomorrow!


  1. i LOVE it! and you! and probably him too! i can't wait to meeeeeet him in november!

    also, i hope you got my tweet. GET ON IT, SISTA!

    congrats on your love. <3

    1. ME TOO! You will love him, he's pretty much awesome :)

  2. Yall are too cute!! Love these pics!! and congrats on 2 years!!

  3. How adorable! Happy Anniversary!


  4. Awww I love this Katie! Miss you fools. ;) Have a good day my friend!

  5. I took the 3 month picture!!!

    ... well, I think I did. What's important is I WAS THERE!!! Hehe.

    I'm totally stalking your blog right now. I am super in awe with your sytle. Always have been! :)

    Anywho, I love you and Blaine together, you two always fit so well, and I am so so SO happy for the both of you! Love ya and miss ya TONS!!!

    -Sammy B


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