Monday, October 29, 2012

And so it begins

Sweater: Forever 21 / Tank: Old Navy / Pants: Gap circa 2006 / Flats: Gap circa 2007

Happy Monday yall! This week is set to be an exhausting one. B and I have barely packed and yet we are getting the keys to our new place on Wednesday. We have movers coming to move the heavy stuff (we are on the 3rd floor right now, ain't no way we were lugging my giant Victorian style bedroom set down those stairs ourselves!), new furniture being delivered, and loooots of packing to do. On the upside I only have a 3 day week in the office. On the downside, I'd rather be in the office then doing moving. Hashtag UGH.

Due to the long days of work and the long nights of packing, you'll likely see pretty casual, comfortable ensembles this week. See Exhibit A above. :)

Hope you all have a lovely start to your week!!


  1. that sweater is perfect! i love it! good luck moving - that is a lot of work!!!

  2. Good luck moving! And hey, you look fantastic!

    Understated Classics

  3. Good luck with the move!


  4. Good luck moving girl!! And I love the stripe top.


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