Monday, November 5, 2012

Bloggy Break Time!

It seriously saddens me to have to do this when I just took a break a couple months ago.

Nonetheless, I at least want ya'll to know where I am! I haven't disappeared or stopped blogging, and I hope you'll check in with me in a couple weeks after the craziness stops!

B and I are officially (semi) moved. We are living at the townhouse and most of our stuff is here, but moving has been an arduous process (it always is) and some of our stuff is still at the apartment. We are slowly unpacking here, and in the midst of it all, I have 2 hell weeks coming my way at work. I have video shoots all week, and I'm still expected to get my normal daily tasks done... hello long days and longer nights. Once I (hopefully) survive the week, my lovely lady fried Rae is coming to visit for a week, in the middle of which I have to take a business trip to Chicago (yay home!).

By the time I get downtime again it'll be Thanksgiving. Literally.

SO in an effort to keep myself sane I'm not going to burden myself with more work and another deadline to add to my list (even though blogging isn't really work and I LOVE it), my posts will be sporadic and likely short and sweet when they happen.

Hugs and kisses ya'll, see you soon!!


  1. Good luck with everything!


  2. I totally get it. I'll be doing the same thing in January, so we can be bloggy break friends. Or something like that. :)

    Hope you can enjoy some of your time off and don't work too hard.


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