Monday, November 26, 2012

Comfy much?

Top: Anthropologie / Jeans: Forever 21 + / Mocs: Minnetonka for AE / Hat: AE (old) / Glasses: Firmoo

Can we just talk about how these are "Plus size" jeans for a minute? Since when is size twelve "Plus size"? Not that it matters too awful much because they are hella comfy and fit like a glove, but come ON. I know I'm not a stick, but I don't generally consider myself plus size. Especially when my big ole boobies are in a size medium top... and plus size bottoms. Seems a little inconsistent, no? Size isn't anything but a number ladies, and remember that if you are shopping and find yourself needing to go up a size or two... shiz isnt consistent. You can be a small in one store and a large in another!

Ok done ranting. Now tell me, how was your Thanksgiving?? It was pretty mellow in the Kathryn Laine household. B and I made dinner, but we were both sick for the majority of the weekend which meant a lot of sleeping, chloroseptic and nose blowing. I did, however, manage to get the Christmas decorations out and the tree up (albeit, undecorated). One step at a time! I'm so excited for the Christmas season this year. We aren't even really doing anything for it, and because of all our moving expenses we wont exchange anything crazy as far as gifts go. I'm just happy to celebrate it in our new place this year!

Anywho, lovely readers, I'm sending mental caffeine your way today, 'cuz if you are anything like me, being at work on this Cyber Monday after a long weekend is severely wearing you out. Severely.


  1. You said it right. Size ain't nothing but a number! love this look, you look so comfy cozy!

    Happy Monday!
    Understated Classics

  2. I love what you said about sizing! It think it is so silly sometimes... I have to admit I am one to get sad when i have to go up a size in some stores but literally I wear three different pant sizes based on the store. But truly.. size is just a number- if it fits and you like it then it shouldn't matter :) ps I am loving your top!

  3. heh, F21 is crazy like that I almost always have to wear their largest sizes. I think it's more related to how they cut their clothes, most of their pants and skirts seem fitted more towards the 12-15 crowd, so for us older than that with some hips, we have to go towards the larger sizes. Size is fairly relative though, I have skirts from j.crew that are a size 2 all the way up to a size 14! Your shirt is adorable with the loose fit and striped, the pocket square in a different pattern is adorable!

  4. You look so comfy and those jeans look fabulous on you! I don't care what the size is as long as they look good :) The whole outfit just goes together seamlessly and looks effortlessly cool!



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