Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mad about Monochromatic

Top: Merona for Target (similar) / Jeans: CAbi / Booties: AE / Scarf: Forever 21 (similar)

I really had to hold myself back from the whole "I'm blue da-ba-dee da-ba-di" thing, but if I'm being honest it's all I can think about with this outfit. *facepalm*. I got these jeans from that CAbi party I was raving about awhile back and I LOVED them at the party... then I got my order and was so disappointed with the fit. Then I realized, they are just super long, and thats ok, every girl needs at least one pair of jeans that she can wear with heels! So I pulled out my new little AE bootie wedges and history was made.... Ok maybe not history, but a really cute outfit!

Does anyone else do that? Try something on and think you are in love, only to get it home and have it hang in your closet for eternity because you can't figure out if you really like it in the grand scheme of your closet? First world problems. For realz.

On another note, its almost Thanksgiving!! B and I don't have any real plans, just to cook a little dinner, drink a little hot toddy and enjoy the long weekend. Much needed, since I'm still a tad under the weather. Ah well. What are ya'lls plans for Turkey Day??


  1. Love the look, very relaxed. And that picture on the left is CRAZY with your cat jumping up!! How fun.


    1. HA! I know, she is officially photobombing all my good pics. She thinks picture time means 'pictures of Rosie time'. Such a diva ;)
      xo, Katie


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