Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It all started with chili and pumpkin coozies

Top: Freebird via StitchFix / Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad (last season) / Flats: Target

Ya'll its happening, and it's happening quick.


There's no doubt about it. It's definitely here. 

It started yesterday when B made his DELICIOUS chili... the skies were overcast and there was a cool breeze. As we drank Coors light on the couch out of my pumpkin coozies whilst watching football, I started to feel the shift. Then today, after work, the light faded fast. I mean FAST. And and it started RAINING (Gasp! Honestly, this is a supreme rarity in the desert of the Tri-cities, Washington). And now, I know for sure. Welcome fall, my old friend.

Now the down side is that it made for super poor lighting for my photos, so I apologize.
One thing that has nothing to do with the lighting, however, is the darkness of my hair! No need to adjust your monitors -- I've gone ombre! I know, I'm out of control, and my hair is going to fall out soon. But it's going to stay like this a bit because I'm pretty in love with it.

I'm off for a day of fun shooting with the video team. I hope ya'll have a lovely Tuesday! :)


  1. LOVE the ombre??
    Did you do it yourself?? I got mine done once but I want to try it on my own this time! You should do a tutorial!!

    1. Oh no, I didn't trust myself with that one! My hair stylist did it for me! I wish I was that talented... Lol!
      xo, katie

  2. You look so cute! Love the flats. They are perfect for fall. I can totally imagine wearing them with jeans and a cute skirt with tights!


  3. Love that top! Follower from Sara Montana!



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