Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barely Breathing

Sweater: CAbi / Skirt: Kohls / Boots: Blowfish

Well hey there friends! Long time no see!

I'm sorry for my little disappearing act. And I didn't even leave a note. Hope yall weren't too worried! (I'm sure you weren't :)

Turns out, sometimes, life just majorly gets in the way of daily blogging. Which is really sad, especially when I wear cute outfits and have cute new hair (obviously not seen here). Meh. Work has just been a nightmare lately. And by nightmare I mean I come home from work and cry into my passion tea after stuffing my face with leftover pizza (and not hitting the gym). Yea. Pretty awesome. And aside from that, B and I are also in the midst of trying to get packed to move. AND I'm PMS-ing. So that being said, its probably in everyone's best interest that I took the last week off. Ha!

A few weekends ago I hit my first CAbi party. Never heard of it? Yea I hadn't either. But it turns out they have some SUPER cute stuff. And I'm told by all my CAbi-crazy friends that their clothes last forever, which I'm pretty stoked about. This sweater was just one of my awesome finds, and I know i'm going to wear the crap outta it this fall and winter. Cozy? Check. Great colors? Check. Awesome collar? Check.
I feel especially fall-y in this ensemble too, which is fitting as it was actually a dreary, rainy and COLD day in the Tri. B also brought home some pumpkins to carve (yea we are a little late in the game with moving and such). AND we'll be watching the Bears game and eating our leftover chili. Yup. Doesnt get much more fall-y then that.

Anyhooters, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit, but if I'm not, don't fret, I'm still alive.. barely!


  1. You are adorable! So excited to follow your blog :)


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