Friday, October 5, 2012


Cardi: AE (similar) / Top: Target (similar) / Jeans: Old Navy / Shoes: Keds (old) (similar and STINKING adorable)

Happy Friday ya'll!

We survived yet another week!

Yesterday we had an on-site meeting with a client that wasn't entirely thrilled our company. I wanted to wear something professional to assert myself, but casual (they are a jeans and tee environment too), but still young and creative to reflect our company. This outfit totally worked for me. Plus it was super comfortable and warm for the crazy chilly morning air, and I could remove the cardi in the afternoon when it warmed up (a little). Outfit win. It was also a client win as we totally won them back over with our wit and charm. Er, something.

I spent the back end of this week trying to get back in my groove, and I think it's working. I've been to the gym everyday (if it seems like overkill, trust me, it's not. If you only knew how tight my pants are currently fitting..), I'm actually putting a little bit of effort into my outfits AND remembering to take photos, AND blogging them! Honestly though, I'm EXHAUSTED from all the effort. It doesn't seem to matter if I go to bed at 10pm (too much sleep) or 1:00am (too little sleep) or any time in between, I just can NOT peel myself out of bed in the morning. Does anyone have a good fix for actually waking up when your alarm goes off? And not being so tired in the morning?! Its killing me.

Anyhooters, I digress. B and I are going out to one of my favorite (and most fancy!) places in the Tri to celebrate our anniversary this evening. Other then that, this weekend we are going go look for rental houses, make some yummy chili, and probably play some games! We are making a concerted effort to chill the next few weeks instead of going out and spending our moolah, as we'll likely need some of it for a deposit on a house soon!

Ok time for some work for this girl, hope you all have a beautiful weekend :)


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  2. Love the outfit!Would you like to follow each other? just let me know

  3. Gorgeous mustard yellow pants! I think your outfit made a difference on making that deal a success:)
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  4. Love the outfit!!!!

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