Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK and an outfit!

Sweater: B's, old, I think its from Target? / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: Blowfish

Normally today I'd Thursday remix it up. Sadly, I didnt post an outfit last week so I had none to remix. Next week I'll remix something from THIS outfit though, so watch out! This is happening.

So on to my 'it's ok's'. I really like this little Thursday feature because it makes me feel better about my bad choices ;)

It's OK that I went to the gym on my lunch hour, and forgot my sweat towel, shower shoes and deodorant... or is it? That will be determined by how my coworkers react to my smell AND if I develop athletes foot. TBD.

It's OK that I couldn't find anything for lunch so I stopped at the gas station and bought a greek yogurt and cheese stick. Must go to the grocery this weekend.

It's OK that I had to talk myself off a ledge when I got a new AE coupon in the mail. "You DO NOT need to buy any more clothes right now!"

It's OK that my beautiful roses from my anniversary are starting to wilt. I will keep them as long as humanly possibly because they represent something so special, I love looking at them every day.

It's OK to take a mental health break in the middle of the day, and go talk to my girlfriends instead of working. My plate is overloaded and my brain is having a hard time keeping it straight.

It's OK that the temps are cooling off and now I can't stop thinking about all my fall outfit choices! Katie is a happy girl :)

It's OK that I've been so busy this past month all I can think about in the evening is plopping on the couch and playing video games or catching up on my DVR until my brain is numb and then I go to sleep.

Thats all I got. What are your 'It's OK' moments??


  1. I TOTALLY agree with the last one! Its my guilty pleasure on Friday nights...DVR, wine, relaxing!

    I totally love the outfit! So comfy and cute. That skirt is a fun color and the fact that you stole your bf's sweater is just adorable.


  2. I love how you paired this slouchy sweater with the striped skirt and boots! You look comfy yet super cute!

    <3 Danielle


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