Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Yes I am Wearing Leggings under my Maxi

Blazer: Forever 21 (A few awesome similar options -- One, Two, Splurge, Plus) / Tank & Skirt: Target / Mocs: Forever 21 / Glasses: Firmoo / Ring: inPink

I had ANOTHER one of those days where I planned a really cute and well styled outfit, only to wake up and forego said outfit for something I deemed waaaay more comfortable. Perhaps I should stop planning complicated outfits? OR, maybe I should just get up in time so getting dressed isn't such a hassle. Yes. Thats it. 

This particular day I had slept in leggings and a tee, and when I pulled on this skirt (it is a skirt, even though it looks like a dress - misleading, no?) I left said leggings on. I don't know about you guys, but the coldness of the air when I slip out of bed in the morning is one of my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Sorry to have to yell, but I feel very passionately about this. Anywho, I figured I'd just keep my leggings on until I acclimated to the morning a bit... I finally took them off. Around 6pm last night when I got home. HA. It was actually quite comfy, and aside from the occasional sitting-indian-style-in-my-office-chair-and-showing-everyone-my-goods, no one even knew I had them on. I just might do that again the next time I wear a maxi-something.

Hope y'all have a lovely Wednesday!! Christmas is getting so close! :)

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  1. adorable!! i love wearing those knit striped skirts w/ leggings for that reason too, i love to sit cross-legged in my chair at work :)!!

    & thanks for all the links to those blazers!! though...i still love yours the best—so cute :)


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