Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and My Exciting News!

Happy belated Holidays everyone!

I hope Santa brought you something nice, and you were able to share the holidays with your loved ones! B and I had a pleasant holiday, it was just the two of us, so it was mellow and quiet. I got spoiled and received a Nintendo 3DS (obsessed) and a couple seasons of Ghost Hunters (my fave!) on dvd. I'm a lucky girl :)

So, tonight is New Years Eve and it seems completely appropriate that I get to share this news with you as we start a new year and fresh slate.

A few weeks ago, I told you I had some exciting news that I wanted to share, but had to wait until the deets fell into place. Today the last piece of the puzzle officially did, and I'm scared and nervous and excited all at the same time...

Yup, we are MOVING -- AGAIN -- this time, to Lexington, Kentucky!

This past year in the Tri-Cities of Washington has been crazy. We moved here in October 2011, full well knowing this probably wouldn't be a permanent move. We are city dwellers with close-knit families, and the Tri-Cities wasn't close to either. We left our families in Chicago, and the closest big city (and though I love Seattle and Portland, they still feel small!) is over three hours away! But we began building our life here and settling down, and in November 2012, when we found an epic townhouse, we moved again, eager to make ourselves more at home. We've made more friends here than we left in Illinois, and have had some crazy adventures navigating the Pacific Northwest.

When (after being in our new house for a whopping 4 weeks) B came home with the news that he had the opportunity to put in for an opening in Kentucky, I started crying. One year earlier, I would have been ecstatic. Instead, I was filled with sadness and nerves all at once. It felt too soon, and I wasnt ready to leave my awesome job or our amazing friends, but at the same time, I wanted to go back to the middle states, where I know we belong.

So after a long, well ok, actually kinda short, process, we made the decision and pressed forward. B flew to Lex and interviewed and got an offer shortly thereafter. He starts Jan. 21. Which means things are happening and happening quickly. I plan to work here through the end of the month and then head out, but theres so much to do before then!! I hope to chronicle the hip-happenings but if I disappear here and there just know its because I'm trying not to have an anxiety attack :)

Im excited to move into this next phase of our lives, and knowing that Lexington is somewhere we will finally be putting down roots is exciting. I'll be 6 hours from Chicago, and only 2 hours from my older brother and sister in law in Ohio, as well as one of my besties Rae. Indy (near where I went to school and still have friends) will also only be a 3 hour jaunt. I know this is a good move for us, in fact, I know without a doubt its the RIGHT move for us. Its just going to be way sadder to leave the Tri-Cities then I ever imagined.

On that note, I'm going to go grab a box of tissues. Tomorrow I'll share some of my pics from B & I's last little jaunt over to Seattle this weekend! I shall leave you with this little ditty about my feelings right now...

You're welcome.

Hope y'all have a blessed and happy New Year! :)


  1. ooh thats very exciting news!! congrats on the new location although packing up all your stuff into boxes can be a pain, but a new city and new adventures await you!

    1. Thanks lady! Packing is a SUPER pain, but I know once we get there it'll all be worth it ;)
      xo, Katie

  2. I.CAN.NOT.BE.MORE.EXCITED.ABOUT.THIS.NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the midwest has been anxiously waiting for you dollface! WOOT to road trips to kentucky (slight hesitation) and new adventures for you and B!

    1. HEY! No slight hesitation about KY, I hear Lexington is pretty awesome, and your going to love it dangit!!! ;)
      xo, Katie


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