Friday, September 21, 2012

Playing tourist

Top: Kohl's / Jeans: Old Navy / Flats: Target

Happy Friday ya'll!

Thought you'd get through a whole week without seeing a pair of my colored jeans, did you?
C'mon now, you know I can't let that happen! Green jeans it is!

This weekend we are heading to the other side of the mountains to show my bro Seattle, and really to spend some time there ourselves. I'm looking forward to playing tourist! I already left my heart in Portland a couple months ago when we spent a long weekend there, but I feel Seattle may have a similar effect. The boys are staying for the Seattle/Packers game Monday, but I'll hightail it back in time for the work week. Stupid work! Any Seattle-ites have any recommendations of fun places to check out?

Do ya'll have any fun weekend plans??

And, if you haven't already, don't forget to enter the amazeballs giveaway happening over at Shanna's blog!

And now, I'll leave you with this. Quite possibly my favorite kitteh video of all time. She clearly choreographed her fail for our entertainment. Thanks kitteh! (And I hope you survived the fall!)

Have a beautiful weekend friends!!


  1. I love your colored denim!! :) have a fun weekend - too bad you have to come back to work!

  2. hahahahah i am dying at that video. Hilarious!! And loving the green jeans! Have fun in seattle :)

  3. That video is freaking hilarious! I will be showing my students this for sure! :) Love the green jeans, and I want some!

  4. looking so cutie!! have a wonderful time in seattle- that all sounds so fun :) i wish i had tips, but it's still on my list of places to go!


  5. I like how you styled your green skinnies...I have a pair and I LOVE them :-) I actually have them on my blog today too!


  6. Hello from your newest follower! Your outfit is too cute! I especially like the flats, I'm gonna have to get me some :) Would love for you to come follow my blog!! Great post!


  7. Our giveaway is AMAZEBALLS!!! ;) You keep rocking those colored denim pants!!! ;) Hope you had a great weekend!!!

  8. I want a pair of these pants so bad - but I'm scared I can't pull them off! hahaha. however, my husband said a person can pull off anything with confidence so I could just give it a TRY I suppose. lol. anyways, I found your blog from the sweet giveaway over at Because Shanna Said So - love meeting new bloggy buddies...newest follower!


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