Friday, September 7, 2012

So lift up your eyes, lift up your heart

Dress: Target / Blouse: Shop in Leavenworth / Necklace: Maurices

If you haven't noticed I still have Dave Matthews on the brain in a major way. His new album comes out Tuesday and I'm stoked. I love every single track I've heard already! I didn't share much with this crazy week, but last weekend I mentioned B and I went to see DMB at the Gorge here in Washington (same place we saw the country music fest a month or so ago!). Its a GORGEOUS venue and its so fun to camp and see 3 nights of great music. The second night we had pit tickets which was AMAZING - we were less then 100ft. from the band. Epic. We had seats the 3rd night, and the first night we just had lawn, but even that is super fun with the gorgeous views. Here's a few pics:

The Dave community is so fun. I was into DMB well before I ever met B, but wasn't a rabid fan like he is. (He's literally been to over 65 Dave shows). When I met him and I started seeing them live, I was hooked. I have officially seen 7 Dave shows (they add up quick). At these weekend shows you meet so many cool people - our neighbors for camping were awesome! The DMB community is like a big ole family, and there is literally people of all ages going to the shows. Anyway, if you haven't seen them live and are remotely into their music, I HIGHLY recommend doing so!

My bro will be here in the morning - hooray! I hope ya'll have a beautiful weekend :)


  1. that seems like SO much fun!! and I LOVE LOVE this dress!! have a great weekend!!!

  2. You look adorable. I love the necklace! One of my best friends is a die hard DMB fan! My favorite band is Mumford and Sons; I just got to see them live last weekend, and it blew my mind! I love the way live music makes you feel. :)

  3. You look so good, i like your dress:)

    I'm inviting to my blog, dear!


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