Friday, September 14, 2012

3 out of 5

Tank: Old Navy (similar) / Jeans: Old Navy / Cardi: AE / Flats: Target

We've survived another week ya'll.

And I survived in another pair of colored pants. 3/5 days this week. Yup. I thought I had a problem a few days ago, and I KNOW I do now. But I couldn't ignore these beautiful mustard color pants. They are a perfect shade that makes them almost a neutral, no?

Lilly agrees. That's why she photobombed my picture.

I'm looking forward to a chill weekend of using my Kohl's coupons, wine tasting, kayaking and grilling out, hoping to extend summer just a tad (it's still pretty toasty here in the Tri-Cities). What are ya'lls plans??

Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful weekend!


  1. I really want a pair like those pants!! I love them!!!

  2. Seriously, these pants are freaking amazing! I'm heading to Old Navy this weekend, and I'm going to buy them in as many colors as my husband will allow! :)


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