Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My name is Katie and I have a problem.

Tee: DMB merch / Jeans: AE / Shoes: Toms


Guys. I have a problem. Srsly.

I can. not. stop. wearing my burgundy jeggings. I mean. I wore them today. And here. And here. And I may or may not have worn them in between and not posted.

And I've only had them for a month.

P.S. These glasses are fake. I wore them to feel more hipster. It was unsuccessful.
P.P.S. I haven't washed my hair since Saturday. Apparently, red hides greasiness. Another bonus for the red hair!


  1. I think you look cute with those glasses! i've always wanted glasses but am nervous about pulling off the fake glasses look. and that isn't a problem - those are fabulous pants!

  2. I want fake glasses too!!!
    Love the pants! and that super cute shirt!!

  3. LOL! Love the "fake" glasses! You look so sophisticated!!! Wear those pants all you want! ;)

  4. I feel like I NEED a pair of burgendy pants now.... BTW you look fabulous in nerd glasses! I wish I could pull them off :)



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