Thursday, March 29, 2012

So I've been toying with this idea....

…Of doing daily fashion blogging. I'm not entirely sure I can commit to daily yet....but at least 2-3 times a week?! I follow a few awesome DO blogs and I’m constantly thinking - I would love to share my take on clothes like that!!

Here's a tiny bit of background about me... I love to shop. Always have, always will. While in my early-mid 20's my life circumstances were ever changing, and with it so was my style. I've gone from shopping the high fashion stores on Michigan Ave, to perusing Wal-Mart for cheap summer dresses, and back again. I do NOT discriminate! You can have $10 and you can have $1000 and still put together amazing outfits that rival each other. Right now I think I've evolved to a place in my life where I'm really confident in myself and style, and I am always pushing myself to come up with new outfits from the plethora of clothes in my closet. I'm not really one for full-on repeat outfits, though I will indulge on occasion.

I recently moved from Chicago with my boyfriend, to the great state of Washington. The culture here is a lot different and I'm really enjoying getting to learn the area. The shopping leaves something to be desired - but thank God for online shopping. The UPS guys already know me by name! :) The weather has already had an effect on my wardrobe, as its typically a lot warmer and windier then Chicago (who would have thought?) But the move itself also created its fair share of stress related weight gain. I’m not really complaining, because I’ve always liked my curves, but I'm definitely learning to dress them differently! So I'm hoping, in general, a) This will be a fun hobby, since I love to write and I love to shop, and I believe myself to be excellent at both, and b) This will help challenge me to push past my invisible style line and think of my clothes in a new and creative way (I dont pattern mix... but I want to!!!)

I dont have a fancy camera or my own web site, but I have an iPhone and a lot of heart... so lets do this thing!

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