Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Life as a New Mommy - Olive Update!

My little Bean is now 3 months old and change. It's crazy how the past three months have gone so quickly and so slow at the same time, and yet giving birth seems like it was an eternity ago. Olive has already grown and changed so unbelievably much since we brought her home from the hospital. From a little baby blob to a beautiful little flirt that often looks something like this:

All smiles and happy dreams.

My girl.

What kind of parent would I be if I didn't brag a little about how amazing she is? Cuz she's pretty super. God was kind enough to bless us with a very patient and easy going first babe, who likes to sleep just as much as mommy and daddy. Baby sleep was a big issue I was worried about, and yet knew nothing about at the same time. We co-slept the first 6 weeks, but she was too big and too independent for her bassinet or snuggle nest by week 6. She has been sleeping in her crib ever since. I expected that transition to be difficult, but girlfriend loves her room, and loves sleeping in her own space. That was proven even more when she started sleeping through the night week 7. And by through the night, I mean she goes to bed at 8:30pm, and as I write this post (at 8:00am) she's still asleep (though she's starting to stir!). My angel.

She about the happiest baby ever. She smiles and coos, and is so happy just to see mine or daddy's face in the morning. *Heart melts.* Sure she has her moments, she's a baby after all. But honestly a big blowup is really rare and it's (usually) super easy to fix. Mostly she just whimpers, and if you check her diaper, stick a boob/bottle in her mouth or just pick her up or put her down for a change of scenery, she's happy as a clam.

Don't get me wrong, this parenting thing is hard. Like HARD. Trying to sift through all the advice from friends and family and make the best decisions for you and YOUR baby is tough. Knowing when you do something, say something, try something, it all affects this little human and who she is becoming is terrifying. We have our bad days like any other family. But she brings so much pure joy to B and I, it's insane.

I never knew how much I would love being a mother - and a stay at home mom at that. Our days consist of sweatpants and sleepers, spit up and snuggles, naps, feeding, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia the First, learning to grab and hold and giggle. Poopy diapers and sucking boogies out is the norm. And I'm ok with that.
Before, my whole life goal was "career". I never even knew if/when I would have kids. And now, all I want is to be here with her. And make more perfect little humans like her! I do work one evening a week at Motherhood, and I can't even tell you how many times I almost quit because I didn't want to be away from her, even for those short 4 hours. I cannot fathom having gone back to work full time at 8 or 12 weeks - and its given me mad respect for all you ladies that have and do!

My little girl was a unplanned surprise. But she has been the best one of my life. She came to us at the perfect time, when we didnt know it was the perfect time. But that's the way life works sometimes, isn't it?

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