Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Favorite Shopping Buddy

Top: Old Navy / Jeans: Motherhood (yep, still rocking them!) / Shoes: Target / Scarf: Groopdealz

So let's just focus on the positive here - it's actually an outfit post!!

Getting out is definitely not as easy as it used to be. Running to Walgreens takes time and planning with an infant. So, when it does occur, I like to try to get dressed in something OTHER than sweatpants! Bean and I had a little shopping to finish up today, so after a nice long early-afternoon nap, and a hefty feeding, we hit the door and made a few stops. She's pretty much the most fun shopping buddy. She even helped me pick out some of Daddy's stocking stuffers!

My outfit is obvs nothing fancy, in fact, I'm pretty sure Olive is the one who should really have the fashion blog here (hello cute owl outfit), but it does feel good to start to feel a little more normal in my clothes again. A good scarf has been a staple for me right now - it draws some attention away from my still full belly, and adds a little something extra to the ensemble. Other then that I'm still keeping it comfortable. My pre-preg pants are still not quite fitting - I have some weight left to lose - so I have no shame still rocking the maternity jeans. They are hella comfortable, and especially at this time of year when there's so much delicious food to be eaten!

Hope everyone is having a joyous holiday season!!

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  1. yeah for getting dressed! i still celebrate those days! and often think addilyn's outfits are WAY cuter!


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