Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I got the dress... now what?

So. Wedding planning. We've barely started. BUT - I got the dress. Yay!

Who knew that would be the easy part? I hadn't really started any planning when my mom came to town for a few days and we decided to just go 'see' what David's Bridal and a few local shops had to offer. My mom picked out this fairly heavily detailed and form fitting Oleg Cassini and I wanted no part of it... me, thinking I wanted a really simple, perhaps A-line dress...

"Just try it on," she said, "It's so pretty!" she said.

Cue me rolling my eyes and letting the perky wedding dress helper take it to my fitting room to appease her.

Five dresses later, I tried on said dress.
There were tears.

You see that in movies all the time - that you just 'know' when its the right dress and you start crying and so does everyone around you.
Bullshit, I always thought.
But it's not. At least it wasn't for me. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the dress and how it fit me perfectly, like it was plucked from wedding dress heaven exclusively for my one year postpartum body to make it look like I was a supermodel. Ok, maybe not a supermodel, but I could instantly envision myself walking down the aisle, and I just knew I wanted it to be the first thing Blaine saw his wife in.

Since they had it, and in my size of all the luck, I brought it home with me. Now its hanging in the front closet avoiding B's curious eyes, and hoping that I find the perfect venue so we can ACTUALLY set the date.

Probably a good place to start, huh?

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