Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4.5 weeks

Guys, in 4.5 weeks I will be a married woman!

When we last left off (see what I did there), I had gotten my dress but that was about it. The last few months have been spent crazily and painstakingly throwing together a wedding for early May. I say "throwing it together" because that's literally what its been. I've never been one of those people who envisioned her wedding since she was a little girl, so instead of worrying about every tiny detail, I've been making decisions on a whim and just rolling with them. And I've had a lot of help from our families doing little things to pull it all together. This is going to be more "big weekend party" and less "traditional wedding", and I'm super excited for that. 

I still can't believe its so close though. At this point I'm more worried about just pulling it off. The logistics are tough (and even harder when you already have a toddler - and when everyone is coming in from out of town!), and a tiny piece of me just wants it to be over. I hate being the center of attention, and wedding planning is definitely hella stressful... and it even seems a little unnecessary considering we already have a child and have lived together, sharing everything, for years. BUT then I remember I only get to do this once. I'm excited to see B at the other end of the aisle and make that commitment by law and by God to each other. To finally share the same last name as him and my daughter. Oh, and to wear my dress for a whole day cuz lemme tell ya - it's pretty gorg!

The other saving grace is that its going to be pretty small. We didnt invite very many people to begin with, and I know many wont be able to travel to Lexington, rendering it even smaller. Those people are family, or considered family by me and B. We didn't include the obligatory bosses, or friends of parents, or co-workers. We made the decision to only include the people we believe have been and will always be there for us. That alone takes a load off my shoulders because I know, no matter what happens or goes wrong on the big day, we'll be supported in our little room filled with love!

I'd like to say I'll update again soon, but lets be real, I'll likely be back with a new last name!

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