Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday Nights

Not so long ago, the weekend meant party time. Blaine and I would break out a bottle (or two) of wine and then go out for dinner at some trendy restaurant and spend the rest of the evening closing down a bar with friends. We'd laze around Sunday morning, sleeping in late before finally getting dressed to go out and get lunch.

We were always 'going out'.

Honestly and truly, I hardly remember what this felt like.

Saturday nights now consist of an early dinner - something B and I and our sous chef Olive make together. Then, a nice long bath for Ollie and early PJ's for everyone so we can settle in for a movie before bedtime. If she's in a good mood and we're feeling really crazy, we might push her bedtime until 8 or 830 - cuz hey! Its the weekend! All snuggles and sweatpants.

I tell ya. The latter is SO much better than the former.

AND after we put Ollie to bed, there's still time for a bottle (or two) of wine, at home, in our PJ's.

Life sure is good...

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