Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Dress: Mudd for Kohl's / Sweater: Sonoma for Kohl's (last season) / Shoes: Mossimo via Target (similar and SUPER cute)

Do you ever have a month or two where life just gets away from you? You get lost in the monotony of day-to-day and then one day you wake up, and the month is gone and you feel as though you did nothing even though you were busy all the time? That's how I feel this month. B is also in transition with his shift at work and we both have so much going on at work, we barely see each other. I'm passed out by the time he gets home, and he's still sleeping when I leave in the morning. But the up side to that madness is soon we will have fairly normal weekends together!!

So my outfit. Inneresting mix, no? I wasn't really planning on wearing this sweater with this dress, but when I put on the dress in the morning it seemed a tad short for work. I can pretty much wear whatever I want, but I dont want to be 'that girl'.. youknowwhatimean. It ended up being a pretty comfy outfit other then the fact I wanted to sit indian style and I couldn't due to the short nature of the dress. Oh the woes of being a woman.

xo, Katie


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