Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey, its almost an outfit post!

Cubs tee: Motherhood Maternity / Jeans: Liz Lange for Target / Camo Jacket: Surplus store / Glasses: Old Firmoo

Ok so it's not exactly blog quality photography, but I'm easing back into things, ok?! Prepare yourselves for another long post y'all, I promised a preggo update yesterday and here it is!

I mentioned baby in my post yesterday but realized I hadn't ACTUALLY announced that she is a girl!
We are thrilled cuz it's what B and I secretly both wanted for our first, though I had older brothers so I would have been thrilled with a boy too, because I know the value of having a great older bro (or two!! :)

We are 22 weeks and growing quickly. She's a ginormous wiggle worm and is on the move constantly. I LOVE feeling her move, but I'm also fearful of it because she seems to not need that much sleep, and I have a feeling that may translate to a not-so-good-at-sleeping baby out of the womb?? Oi.

B hasn't been able to feel her kicking on the outside yet, but I can't wait until he does. Right now it feels like a secret between just me and her, and I know Daddy can't wait to be in on it :)

I have been SUPER blessed with a really fun and easy pregnancy so far. Only mild nausea in the first trimester (and vomiting only twice!), by weeks 11 and 12 I really didn't even feel pregnant (which of course wigged me out). But doctors appointments confirmed she was still in there and healthy! I had some insane sugary candy cravings early on, and was forced to temporarily swear off white meat and garlic due to scent aversions, but that all has since quieted. Second trimester has also led me out of the fatigue woods and into the 'feeling like myself again' clearing, with my only major change seeming to be my growing belly. At this point, I feel fantastic. My skin has been super clear, and my moods totally stable (albeit with the occasional 'I don't know why I'm crying, I just am' fit). I'm sleeping well most of the time (thank you Boppy body pillow) and it's a rare day that I need a nap.

Of course there has been the swollen feet if I'm up and about too long and lightheaded-ness here and there, along with the occasional painful round ligament pain stabs and weird dreams, but it hasn't been anything unusual or too tough to handle. If the 3rd trimester, labor and birthing go this smooth, I have a feeling B will want to keep me in a perpetual state of pregnant as long as we can handle it! HA!

Overall I've been pleasantly surprised and completely thrilled at how well my body has adapted to this pregnancy. It has an air of 'meant to be' around it that I love!

Other than that, B and I decided to do her nursery a little 'shabby chic'. We found a great crib and dresser at a garage sale and are in the process of (safely) sanding, priming and painting it from its light wood state to a pretty dark brown. I also have a really cool plan involving scrapbook paper for the dresser drawers! We've got our registries pretty well nailed down and we hope to get our sage colored glider via that, and my mom is going to help me make her bedskirt once we find the perfect brownish/gray shade of damask. Its a lot of work, but its so much fun! I'm getting antsy and nesty already about putting together her room, and can't wait to do so after her shower next month!

We also do have a name we love (we've had it since our 2nd date - true story!), as well as a few backups, but we won't be sharing. We want to make sure that's who she is when we first see her little face. Until then, 'baby girl' is her official moniker (along with nugget, bean, wiggle worm and the occasional 'little shit' when shes causing mommy a little too much pain).

So that's that! As I ease back into blogging I'll share more on a week to week basis and less on a 'heres a giant blog post to cover the last 5 months' basis. Sound good?!

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