Monday, May 13, 2013

What the what? A new post?!

Hi guys!!! Any readers still out there?! I know, I've totally disappeared the past few months. I even missed my 1-year blogeversary! Gah! But I wanted to give you guys a bit of a life update, so I hope you understand where I've been - and how much I've missed blogging!! Next entry will be a baby/preggo update, so hold tight for that one :)

Ok - life. Where do I begin....
When B and I first moved to Lexington in January, I was about 8 weeks pregnant (I'm 22 now! Agh!!). I figured I still had plenty of time to find a job before I started REALLY showing, and I hit the ground running with my resume. I've always been very blessed (and lucky) when it came to job hunting, and I have never really applied for jobs and not gotten one. I saw a lot of jobs available here in town that I thought I'd be a perfect fit for, so I excitedly applied to all of them as they came up, and patiently waited for my phone to start blowing up.

It didn't.

Then I applied for a bunch of jobs that I was mostly overqualified for, but would 'pay the bills,' and I again patiently waited for my phone to start blowing up.

Again, it didn't.

I wondered if potential employers were googling me and finding my blog and Twitter where I had clearly already written about my pregnancy, so I immediately locked them down and deleted preggo-related posts.

As the weeks (and months, geesh) started going by, I had a few phone interviews, but one of them straight up told me I was one of 150 applicants. 150! Apparently Lexington is really heavy with job-seeking marketing coordinators. At that point, I had started growing so much that I knew I wouldn't be able to hide my bump if I got called into an in-person interview. And I knew if I was 1 in 150, there'd be someone "better" (ie. not going to need maternity leave soon after starting) for the job.

It wasn't looking good. And then I thought - did I really want to go back into corporate marketing anyway? Eeeeh, yes and no. I was good at it, and it paid well. But it wasn't really fulfilling, and it was definitely stressful. My whole life outlook was already changing with this little one growing in my belly, and making money and being queen of the world was becoming the less important part of my life (don't get me wrong, money is still nice, and I'll gladly take what we can get!), but it seemed to me God was putting into motion other plans for my life, and career path. There's a reason I'm not finding a job in what I was doing pre-baby.

What then, did I really want to do? Something I had never considered before, but was in the forefront of my mind - teaching. Getting to teach kids a subject I love, and help them grow, while having a great retirement plan and benefits, and summers off with my own babies sounds really, really good.

So now, I'm in the research phase of 'Project Katie's New Career'. My major was in journalism, and I'd like to teach English or Reading/Writing. Those don't necessarily go hand in hand so it looks likely I'll have to go back for another bachelors in order to get this gameplan moving. School and a newborn is a really scary prospect, but I wouldn't start until next spring to give me time post-September birth. I'm not sure how it will all look to me after baby girl is here, since I know I'll have my hands full, but I also know I wont be alone. And B is so incredibly encouraging and supportive of this path, that I know we could figure it out.

In the meantime I've picked up an awesome part-time job to get me out of the house and keep me sane - and also give me a discount on maternity clothes. Hello. Yes please. And I'll be working on my college application and any tests I need to take pre-going back to school (um. Scary.)

So there it is. What I've been mulling over and trying to figure out for the last several months.
What I want to be when I grow up.

Nothing is set in stone by any means. Everything that has happened in the last few months has been so insane and unexpected. I've gone with the flow and kept hope that God had a plan for me and for B and for this new little girl, and I think he does. So I'm going to keep giving it up to him and see where it takes us!

The flip side of this is I don't have to 'hide' my pregnancy any more, which also means - more blogging! Yea!!

Ok, so whats new with you guys??? Any teachers out there have any advice or suggestions? Or just want to tell me how amazing your job is? Cuz I'd love to hear it!!! Hope you all are fabulous!

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