Thursday, May 16, 2013

The year of the Blogger Babies

Tee: Motherhood Maternity (clearance) / Blouse: Kohls / Leggings: Target

Oh my word! Y'all didn't tell me how many of you were preggo out there in blogland!

After neglecting my bloglovin feed since *cough cough* February *cough*, I finally started weeding through and so many of you are pregnant too!! 2013 is clearly the year of the fashion blogger baby. I kinda wish I had been able to come back to blogging earlier so I could have been following everyone elses pregnancies too! Congrats everyone!!

So as I mentioned before, job hunting has been a real pain in the patoot. Due to the unemployment, the stark reality is - I dont get dressed every day (something tells me that will be the case post-baby too...). I spend a lot of time in B's sweats and an oversized tee or some combination of B's stuff and maternity stuff. But, occasionally I do have an errand that doesn't require full-on thinking about an outfit, yet still requires me to get out of my sweats. In those occasions, I go to my trusty leggings. I'm still rocking non-maternity ones... wonder how long that will last?

Anywho, hope everyone is having a glorious Thursday, it is Thursday, right?!

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  1. Cute outfit :) I think when I was midway in my pregnancy I totally gave up on pants and stuck with leggings and dresses. :)


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