Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When comfort beats out style

Tunic: (old) Elle for Kohls / Jeggings: Hue via Carson Pirie Scott / Shoes: American Eagle (same in different color)

So I guess I'm not FULLY over the sickness. Am I the only one that feels a lot of pressure to have super cute outfits every day because you know you are going to be posting them later? With my fatigue and now working full days again, this week has been waaaay more comfort then style. I'm doing my best but something tells me when I look back at this weeks outfits in the future it will be more 'ew' then 'aw'.

Ah well. I enjoy doing this too much to not post! This outfit feels almost like a bit of a lie however, I wore it all day but spent most of it covered up with an oversize sweatshirt as the a/c was flipping freezing in my office. So really, imagine this with a huge hooded pink sweatshirt. There. Now you have my real daily outfit!

xo, Kathryn Laine.

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  1. keep posting your outfit:) i'm your new follower, hope you follow me back:)


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