Monday, April 9, 2012

These are a few of my favorite style sites...

As may now know I haven't been blogging for long. In my first couple weeks of research and actually getting the ball rolling, I have come across so many AWESOME sites - blogs and otherwise - that offer some really cool things.
These are a couple non-blogs that ya'll probably already know about but I'm just now experimenting with and I can't get enough!: - $10/month for premium beauty samples. We are talkin' nail polish, face creams, makeup, perfume -- you name it! Its an amazing way to discover new products without spending loads of money buying full sized items. - I discovered this site on a freak (but awesome) accident Superbowl Sunday. You can add your clothes to your virtual closet, and with an easy drag and drop format, plan out your week's (or even your month's!) outfits, while giving you stats about your wardrobe like how many times you've worn a piece, a color, or a brand, or how much your wardrobe is worth. I enter my outfits daily to build up my closet, and after a couple months of doing so my wardrobe is pretty stocked! I also love that I can jump on at work and plan my outfit quick for the next day! - review to come on this guy - Ill be getting my first fix next week! The idea is you fill out a style profile about your style, your sizes and your wardrobe desires, and they pluck 5 unique pieces, ship them to you for at home try on and you can purchase what you want or ship back what you don't! Its $20 per fix, but if you do decide to purchase, that $20 acts as a credit toward those purchases, which is pretty awesome! Shipping both ways is also free!

Style away!

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