Monday, April 16, 2012


Shirts: (Button up) Burlington Coat Factory 2011 (Tee) Hawks Pro Shop / Jeans: Rock & Republic for Kohl's / Shoes: Toms

Sorry for the delayed post from Friday! - This weekend was just nuts (in a great way!) more on that soon....

BUT -- Ok ok, so I know I live in Washington now, but listen, Washington doesn't have an NHL team, and I'm not just going to give up on my hometown team! Chicago Blackhawks for life baby!! The Stanley Cup playoffs are happening and as of Saturday the series is tied up 1-1 for the Hawks and the Phoenix Coyotes. Its been exciting so far!!

Alas, this is not a sports blog so lets get to the real dirt here -- my version of cute sports fan! You CAN represent your favorite team fashionably. Please ignore the rat's nest hair. Sadly I woke up late and after my workout I didnt have time to wash it. Ew.

Hope you all HAD a lovely Friday and a great weekend!
Monday's outfit still to come :)


  1. How funny!! I lived in Seattle for a while, and am a HUGE Blackhawks fan! I have a lot of family in Chicago and that's one of our favorite things to go do when we visit. I love them so much, I signed up for the Versus channel a few years ago so I don't miss all their games, especially in the playoffs!

    It's like football, but on skates. Heck yes.

    Target had some REALLY cute and incredibly soft 'Hawks shirts last year, and I bought 2 because they were that awesome. They're in the men's section, but go check and see! Very flattering fit, and I believe were only $15. Uh-mazing.

    Secondhand Magpie

    1. That's AWESOME!! It's great to hear there's Hawks fan out here in our blogging community!! :) I will DEFINITELY check out our Target, or else I'll have to send my fam to the local Target in Chicago to check it out and send me some goods!

      Aren't seeing games at the United Center the best?? There's just something about an $8 beer and the smell of the ice. :) Gah I miss it so much!

      So far this playoff series has been crazy tho right?! Here's hoping they make it to Round 2!!

      xo, Kathryn Laine.


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