Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Day Monday

Cardigan: Anthropologie (similar) / Tee: American Eagle / Pants: LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls (similar) / Shoes: MK Michael Kors

Bah on this weather I tell you - BAH! It was GORGEOUS this weekend... thankfully I did get out to enjoy it while it lasted, because today is a big pile of ick out there. Chilly and rainy and cruddy - oh my! Its was one of those days where I pulled the covers up over my head and wished that I could stay there allllll day. Alas, that was not the case and off to work I went.

And my sour start turned into a pretty darn good day :) First - I won my first blogger giveaway! I can't wait until I have the privilege of hosting one of those for my readers! The lovely Joanne of Fabulously Average gave away a $50 GC to a cute little shop - Plain Ivey Jane. I think I'll be putting that $50 toward the Aztec dress! Cute, no??
And theeeen I upped my mood even more by pulling out one of my favorite Anthro cardi's and one of my favorite pairs of flats. Its miraculous how clothes can change your mood.

Do you have a certain clothing item  that makes a cruddy day all better?

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