Saturday, April 21, 2012

A new little Saturday treat...

Typically I reserve my Saturday's for cleaning, or crafts, or just lounging around. This means sweats or a t-shirt and jeans, and no need to chronicle my slubby outfit! But today I got the jeanius (get it jean-ius) idea to have a little guest bloggeroo action.

A little bit of background, I'm blessed and cursed to have a man that has a great personal style. He doesn't really care about labels, and is super into how his clothes look and feel and fit. He follows trends like I do, but also works in a super casual environment, also like I do! Now the curse side is, unlike most men who have a rotation of 20 t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans, B has an insane amount of clothes... and we share a closet. Blast!
Alas, due to his wonky work schedule he actually works Saturdays, so my Saturday's will now be devoted to HIS personal style. Isn't he a stud? Not that I'm biased or anything... Enjoy! :)

Track Jacket: Apt. 9 for Kohls / Tee: Kohls (similar) / Shorts: American Eagle (similar)  / Shoes: Toms


  1. I also fight with my boyfriend for closet space. I love it when men have a great sense of personal style, though.


    see my latest outfit post here!

    1. Its tough to have to share the closet for sure... but its nice that I dont have to dress him when we go out ;)

      Thanks for stopping by Donyel!! I adore your blog.
      xo, KathrynLaine.

  2. there is no way my guy would ever pose for a fashion shot. very impressed you got yours to!

    hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter.}

    1. I know! Can you believe he actually WANTED to do it?! I think I may have a budding fashionista... fashionistor? on my hands! ;)

      Thanks for dropping by, I'd love to check out your blog!
      Have a Happy Monday!
      xo, KathrynLaine.


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