Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hump Day Hair Day

Knit Blazer: Target (similar) / Tank: Kohl's / Jeans: Rock & Republic for Kohl's / Flats: Mossimo for Target / Necklace: Maurices (similar)

First, EW a really big spider just ran through the office. Eeeek!
Second, I'm leaving work a bit early today so I skipped my lunch hour and was bummed thinking I wasn't going to get to post, until I remember the studio has a full length mirror! Hoorah! Problem solved.

So today, after TEN MONTHS I'm going to get my hair did! Whoa. Its not that I didnt want it done, I just hadn't had the time before we moved out here, and then I got a job so quick, and then I was super leery about finding a new hairdresser. I mean, these people have your whole hair livelihood in their hands! And I had such an awesome hairdresser back in Chicago so I knew he'd be hard to top. Anyway, last week I got a Spotted Fox deal (like Groupon, for us small towns) for $30 for cut AND color - yes please! So bring on the highlights and be gone split ends! Please keep your fingers crossed they don't do a hack job! :)


  1. shut up. $30 for both? I have got to start looking for Groupons ... my cheap box of color is ok, but I love getting it done by a professional. $30 is just for cut. grrr.

    1. I KNOW! Can you believe that? Cut AND color - usually that costs an arm and a leg! Thanks to our Groupon-esque site I can keep my appendages and just give them $30 for the same effect. Definitely check out Groupon, or if you are in a smaller city, look for local deal sites - our little area has 2 of its own! :)

  2. Woo hoo!! Can't wait to see the finished product :) Getting my hair done is one of my favorite things ever!

  3. Wait, you got that super cute blazer from TARGET? I love the polka dot lining! I hope they still have some left!!!


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