Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post Vacation Blues

Outfit 1 - Dress: Target / Shoes: American Eagle / Scarf: American Eagle / Jacket: NY & Co. (similar)
Outfit 2 - Tee: American Eagle / Shorts: Target (similar) / Shoes: Toms / Purse: $10 store in Vegas circa 2008
Outfit 3 - Dress & Belt : Plain Ivey Jane

Happy Wednesday!!!
How I've missed you all and my blog the past several days. It felt wrong not being able to share my cute vacation outfits, but I was not about to spend $25/day on internet service at the hotel. I didn't miss ya'll that much ;)

So here's a brief look into some of my Vegas vacation style! I tried to pack super light so I made sure to pick outfits where I could reuse accessories. I love Vegas because frankly, anything goes!
I will say this much though, after an amazing vacation, its SO hard to get back in the swing of reality!


  1. I love your yellow maxi dress and those printed shorts! I haven't been to Vegas yet, but we live within driving distance now so it's definitely up there on our vacation list :) Sounds like a blast!

  2. Noticed you are a Chicago transplant... I am a student in VA but have been doing lots of traveling to Chicago and will be transplanting there for the summer and fall months! Perhaps you can give me some local dish... and some great hidden shops, I do love thrifting.

    Love those ethnic shorts in the middle shot and the maxi dress. Great looks!


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