Monday, May 14, 2012

Boho Monday

Dress: Kohls / Vest: Maurices (similar) / Shoes: American Eagle

Happy Monday ya'll!!
That sounded really positive, but really I hate Mondays. Grrrr. Can we have another day for the weekend please?

Picked this dress up at Kohls yesterday. I have always loved Maxi's but before this year, I only had 2 in constant rotation. Now, I literally, have somewhere in the double digits. A tad out of control with the maxi dress addiction!
Also, Lilly wanted to impede my process today. She did well as she was in most of my photos except for the one above. Nice try Lilly. Nice try.


  1. i was going to say ... you really like mondays?! yes, that's what i got out of this post. :) and the cute dress.

    1. Heck no - If I had my way I'd do away with them all together! But then Tuesday would be the new Monday and it'd be a vicious cycle...
      Thanks for stoppin by!! :)
      xo, KathrynLaine.


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