Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Remix

Maxi: Kohls (similar) / Tee: Gap (similar) / Chambray top: Kohls (similar) / Sandals: AE (similar)

And we're back! I decided to start fresh and mix up an item from last weeks outfit. I always struggle with new ways to wear a maxi, so I thought I'd challenge myself a tad and see how I could make it feel like a completely different outfit. It may not be totally different, but before blogging I never would have thought to add all these layers!

As a reminder, heres how I wore it last week:

Ya'll I'm EXHAUSTED today. I spent the evening at the emergency vet when I noticed my little booger Rosie was crouched all over the apartment trying to tinkle. Turns out she has a UTI, so shes on meds now, and B has a pinched nerve in his neck/back that's hitting its worst point, and making it impossible for him to sleep because he's in so much pain. I feel awful for them both and I'm completely stressed. Needless to say the Kathryn Laine household is a bit of a cluster right now.

I need a nap. And something with rum in it. Stat.


  1. love it!! you are getting good at the whole remixing thing!!

  2. I love the outfit with the hair; it just looks perfect. :) I also love the collage pic to show how you wore it last. That's a great idea! I may have to steal it for our blog.


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