Monday, August 27, 2012

[Weekend Wear] Fair Edition

Tank: Anthropologie (clearance) / Pants: Maurices (similar) / Shoes: thrifted Cons

This weekend B and I hit up the Benton Franklin County Fair. Being the midwesterners that we are, we both love a good fair (I am not lying when I tell you B was 4-H king in his day. Yup. That's my man.). Needless to say, we had a blast - I spent an inordinate amount of time with the goats (is it weird that I REALLY want a goat?) and Jerrod Neimann was the headliner. I love me some country.
We missed the rodeo which I was a tad bummed about, but we played several rounds of bingo at the bingo tent, and in my eyes, that more then made up for it. We also caught the hypnotist and ate loads of terrible fair food, including but not limited to: corn dogs, shaken lemonades and hot buttered corn on the cob - though we did steer clear of the deep fried butter and funnel cakes. We also spent some time in a really cool little wine garden that had a pretty decent pianist.

As you can imagine the fair grounds were dirty and dusty, so I went with a comfortable outfit that I didn't mind getting a little dirty in. The only thing missing was my cowboy hat (how did I forget that?!)

What's your idea of good fair wear??


  1. This is perfect, and I love your description of the fair! :) I think you were very smart to go with the closed-toe shoes. I have made the mistake of throwing on flip flops for that kind of event, and the outcome is never pretty!

    Dossome :)

  2. Goats are the most awesome animals ever! They are such crazy characters and quite the party anamials, (hehe) We use to raise them and they are way to much fun, we use to hook one of our goats up in a dog mushing harness and have her pull a little radio flyer wagon full of kills around. :) Love them!

    Fairs are crazy amounts of fun, we always end up being pigs and eating a ton of food. I think you wore a perfect fair outfit, easy shoes to walk in and a super cute shirt. (Love the lace along the top, it's a great little detail.)

  3. what a pretty top! and it looks like a good fair outfit! sadly I have no advice for you as the only times i've been to fairs of when I was a camp counselor and wore a camp tshirt! :)

  4. You look super cute!! Love that shirt and those shoes!!


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